Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Shaylee Grace

Shaylee Grace Meyaard Pfanschmidt was born today at 10:08 am, in a very speedy delivery following my 6:30 induction. I am pleased to report that her head is, in fact, smaller than Bryn's, thus making both delivery and the subsequent recovery much easier. She matches her big sister in all other ways though, weighing in at 7 lb 12 oz (Bryn was 7 lb 11 oz), measuring 21 inches (Bryn was 20), and sporting a full head of dark hair and the longest eyelashes the nurses have ever seen (we got comments on these exact same features when Bryn was born). Here's a few preliminary photos:

Cathy brought Bryn up to the hospital as soon was we called her, so Bryn got to climb up in bed with me and hold her baby sister even before lunchtime today. Bryn fell in love with Shay immediately, endlessly repeating "baby" and stroking her hair. Bryn also kept pointing proudly to her own "I'm a Big Sister" shirt, showing us that she knows her new role.

Here's me with my two girls. Both were much happier than they look in this picture, I promise! After cuddling me for a few minutes, Bryn settled happily into a rocking chair and got to hold Shay all by herself. Ben brought Bryn back to the hospital after her nap at Cathy's, and he says that she babbled about "Mommy" and "Baby" the whole way. He also claims that she said something resembling "Shay," or at least something featuring a "sh" sound, but I haven't personally heard that yet.

So I guess we kind of posted these pictures backwards, but this is Bryn's grand entrance into the labor room to visit Mommy and meet Shay. She was bearing two balloons (which she only parted with in order to see "her" baby) an a beautiful carved figurine of a mother and two children (which just happens to match an existing colletion of ours), all compliments of Cathy. Bryn made quite the cute little messenger, coming in to greet us all by herself while Cathy and Chris hung back for a few moments--although they did soon get a chance to admire the baby themselves! Chris tried to climb out of the stoller to see her, and all the photos posted here are actually compliments of Cathy, who wasted no time in breaking out her camera.

And here she is, our own little Shayby. This is what Cathy has christened her, a shortening of "Shay the Baby," and I think the nickname has already stuck for Ben and me. I have typed this whole post with her snoozing on my lap while Ben drives Bryn back to Cathy and Eric's to spend the night. She is certainly a litte angel! Labor was quite fast, and she didn't even cry when she was born. She has been sleeping like a champ and seems as fascinted by Bryn as Bryn is by her. We hope she continues to be this well-behaved and easygoing!

The nurse says it's time to check vitals on Mom and Baby, so I'll leave off her for now. More pictures to follow as we continue to brag on baby!


Katherine said...

she is precious Amy! I love all of the pictures, praying for you all, and am so excited everything went so well -- no dislocated pelvis this time!!! :) let me know if you need ANYTHING! thinking of you and love you!


Kathy said...

We're so happy for you! Can't wait to see Shaylee!

Anonymous said...

SUPER CONGRATULATIONS to ALL!!!!!!!!! So happy Shaylee has arrived and EVERYONE is FINE= just one thing, GIRL, HOW COULD YOU LOOK SO FANTASTIC after JUST giving BIRTH.. all I can say is, THANK GOODNESS there were NO CAMERAS when I had the girls ( back in the dark ages???) again, we're soooooo happy for you, and hope all continues to go smoothly........ hugs to everyone,, luv , Logan's grama

Melissa said...

The dark ages? I'm not that old, mom!

Anyway, congratulations!!!!!!!! Shaylee is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! Hope you're still feeling as great as you look in those pictures!

I wrote you a comment a day or two ago on here, but it never showed up, so weird!