Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Progress Report

I've had so many of you ask, either via email or on my voice mail, "when are you having this baby?!?!" that I thought an update was in order. No, I have not had the baby yet. And no, just because I did not pick up the phone when you called, that does not mean that I am in labor. It just means that I am trying to keep myself busy with other things in order to distract myself from the fact that there is no baby yet! :)

People I do not know well tell me that I should not be impatient, as my actual due date is not until this Sunday, the 25th. This is true. However, 39 weeks and 4 days of pregnancy is quite enough for me, thank you. Plus I have now been having Braxton-Hicks contractions for nearly a month, and they continue to grow in intensity. I'm starting to think that if these get much worse, I won't be able to tell the difference when the real ones arrive! (although everyone I know who has gone through labor naturally before assures me that, yes, I will most definitely know the difference :)) I've also started having really bad acid reflux every time I lie down, which only further disturbs my already fragmented sleep. I mean, I have to come fully awake to roll over once an hour, and I have to pee every other hour, so it's not like I'm getting quality rest here!

I did take my packed bag when I went to the doctor this morning, but that was only because I felt it was silly not to do it as long as I was going to the hospital, not because I actually felt like anything was happening. I saw a different doctor (Dr M) than my usuals (Dr P and Dr H) this morning, since scheduling is all wonky for the holiday. Dr M tells me that I am 50% effaced and "a good 4 cm dilated," which he seems to feel is significantly further than the 4 cm that Dr P quoted me at my last appointment on Friday. He says they measure differently; I thought a centimeter was a pretty standard measurement? Anyway, he says things are moving along nicely.

Dr M strongly encouraged me to induce and wanted to schedule me for Saturday. I, however, suspect this is because he is the doctor on call for the entire long weekend, and it would probably be a lot easier for him if he knew when he needed to come in. I can sympathize with that, but I am not going to induce this child, who is showing all signs of coming in her own sweet time, just so the doctor can eat turkey on a more reasonable schedule. In spite of the fact that I am desperately sick of being pregnant, I really feel strongly about not inducing unless there is a legitimate medical reason. Bryn was induced (for many legitimate medical reasons), and I would really like to go into labor naturally this time.

Thankfully, Dr M said he could respect that. However, he also said that I need to have this baby by next week one way or the other, so I will need to reconsider induction if I go past my due date. He is estimating the baby at 7 3/4 or 8 pounds now. Bryn was 7 lb 11 oz, and second children are usually larger, so I guess that's not a big surprise to me. Of course, Bryn's head was also in the 99th percentile, so I'm not actually all the concerned with this child's weight, as long as her head is smaller! Anyway, the doctor worries that if I go too far past my due date, the baby might get too big for me to handle. This I do view as a legitimate medical concern, as I am, after all, a little person and have no desire to birth some 12 pound beast. :) So if I go past Monday (which is when my next appointment will occur), then I'll reconsider the whole induction thing. For the time being, though, we're going to just hang on.


Katherine said...

so excited for you Amy! make sure to keep me posted and if you need ANYTHING, let me know! you're in my thoughts and prayers!

Libtastic said...

i always enough a good Amy-made laugh. not at your expense, at all, but at your wit. you're just plain ol' funny.

can't wait to hear all about life at the pfanschmidt-meyaard house post-baby 2.

miss you all like whoa - and, of course - happy thanksgiving to you, ben and bryn! do tell them all i say the same!

Anonymous said...

so close- so close- so close! thanks for the update-- i was starting to wonder!! :) can't wait for her to come!! you can make it!!!

love you,
angie <><

Anonymous said...

"Wonky"? Love that! :) lol... - C