Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

This past Sunday was my birthday, the big 29. My dad and stepmom came into town for the occassion.... and, of course, to get their turn at spoiling Bryn. Pretty much the whole weekend was present-fest; Bryn opened hers on Saturday and I opened mine on Sunday. Here's Bryn, Grandpa Dave, and me, trying to coax Bryn to open her presents (she took her sweet time about this weekend).

Let it be said that my birthdays since college have not been so great. In my six post-graduate years, two birthdays have been spent in large, tear-filled conflicts. Two years ago, I spent the vast majority of my birthday in bed, enduring the worst migraine of my life, fighting my way out of bed only to nurse a ravenous week-old Bryn. Last year's birthday was spent moving heavy boxes into our new house while having 1-year-old Bryn throw up on me all day while enduring her first flu, then coming down with said flu myself.

This year's birthday was spent in a somewhat exhausted stupor, caused by the fact that the baby has been beating me up from the inside and that I've been contracting like crazy, and thus have not been sleeping very well. There were a few hours there when I was absolutely sure that I would be delivery a baby on my birthday, or at least beginning the labor process, but neither occurred. What DID happen was that I got a very good visit with Dad and Diane, took a nice afternoon nap after they left, and had an enjoyable Game Night with friends to top off the weekend. All in all, the best birthday I've had in recent years, in spite of the contractions.

Today the contractions continue, although we appear to be no closer to the baby's actual arrival. I should point out that while they are hugely uncomfortable and frequent, these are just Braxton-Hicks contractions, not the actual I'm-in-labor contractions. I've been having these for about 3 1/2 weeks, and while they are becoming much stronger and much more frequent, they don't seem to be actually producing anything. Last week's OB visit yielded the information that I am dilated 3 centimeters already and that the baby's head is in position, so I could theoretically go any time, but the baby seems content to stay where she is and kick me from there. And so we continue to wait....


Anonymous said...

aahhhh! i am sooooo excited for baby #2!!! :) so i have come to the realization that our birthdays are a week apart... you were born 9 years and one week after me! lol. and bryn, of course, was born 18 years and one day before me. now... let's see here... where will baby #2 fall in comparision to my birthday... haha!!

love you and miss you tons,
Angie <><

Kathy said...

I'm glad you had a great bday! The baby is almost here! Yay!

Melissa said...

Yikes, it could be any day now. My prediction is that Shay will be a Thanksgiving baby!

Glad your birthday went well and I hope you stay healthy.