Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Bryn's Birthday Bash

Bryn's 2nd Birthday Bash was actually three days long, and she'll have an addendum this coming weekend. Spoiled little girl--the presents just keep coming!

We began the festivities on Friday, when Ben and I took her to Chuck E. Cheese for some family fun. I think this picture is adorable, and even more so when you compare it to the one from last year (you can find it back in the archives from last November). We ate pizza and played games, and Bryn was wide-eyed at all the excitement. She loved all the car rides, and we discovered a horse ride at the end that she didn't want to leave. The games are still a little over her head, although she did attempt some of them in her own amended style. She ran all over the restaurant, leading to quite the chase for Mommy and Daddy, and cried when it was time to leave. I guess that means she had a good time!

Ben's family arrived after we had put Bryn to bed after her Chuck E. Cheese adventures on Friday night, so the first time she saw them was Saturday morning. Great-Grandma N. and Aunt Jill made the trip all the way down from Grand Rapids to celebrate with our little girl, and Nana and Papa came from Elkhart. We laughed that this is probably the last year when Bryn will be patient enough to wait until almost noon before opening her presents! I guess she didn't realize all those brightly colored boxes were for her. She was hilarious when opening gifts--her obsessive-compulsive tendencies really showed through! She insisted upon tearing every single scrap of paper off the box and handing them to Aunt Jill for safekeeping before even looking at her gift. Luckily she had a very patient audience!

All of Bryn's gifts from the Meyaards proved to be huge hits, and she had to stop in between each present to play with each. Luckily Nana and Papa saved the best for last, though, or she never would have gotten through opening anything else--once the new red wagon appeared, that was all she cared about! They sure make wagons way fancier these days than back in my day. Bryn's new ride includes fold-down seats, two seatbelts, and four cupholders (which I guess is good, considering how much this girl drinks). Here's Papa Tom taking her for a test run around the neighborhood. She also convinced him to take her for several laps around the downstairs of our house throughout the day, and by Sunday, she had taken to climbing into the wagon to play with her other toys.

No celebration would be complete without cake, of course. Here's Bryn digging into her (first of several) birthday cupcakes. She ate all the icing off the top before even considering the yellow cake goodness. Last year, Bryn's birthday held her first taste of pizza and her first sweet ever, in the form of another cupcake. I have to shamefully admit that this past year has held much pizza and many sweets for her. At least we were good the first year, right? In addition to cake, Saturday afternoon held the arrival of my sister Kristin, naps all around, the Saturday night service at church, and dinner out for all of us, before the Meyaards left for home and we tucked our exhausted 2-year-old into bed in her newly-finished big-girl room (pictures to follow in another post).

Sunday held just as much excitement. My mom and brother arrived around 11:00, and Bryn got to have brunch at Bob Evans with Mommy, Daddy, Aunt Kristin, Uncle Brian, and Grammy Tina. This scrumptious feast was followed by naps for all and then present opening once again. Apparently the favored "aunt" gift was this "I'm A Big Sister" book, as Bryn received (and read and deeply enjoyed) copies of it from both Kristin and Jill. Grammy's gift of a desk/easel was quite the project to assemble, and our friends had arrived for Game Night before the project was completed. My family got to meet some of our friends before taking off for their various drives home (Peoria, Bloomington-Normal, and South Bend).

In addition to our usual Sunday night games, there were more cupcakes for all and more presents for Bryn. Christopher got a kick out of riding around in the wagon with Bryn, and even Ravage tried out the new wheels. Everyone sang to Bryn and spoiled her rotten all night long. She went to sleep happy that night with music on her new cd player from Derek and Chris. Meanwhile, Cathy, I will have you know that she is upstairs playing her recorder in her crib (instead of napping) as I write this--she refuses to be separated from it!

Grandpa Dave and Grandma Diane are coming this next weeked to celebrate both Bryn's birthday and mine, so our festivities are not quite over yet. Meanwhile, we've got new toys to play with all week long!


Anonymous said...

bryn looks soooooo old in that 2nd picture with her hair up in pigtails... so cute!!!


Anonymous said...

She loved Chris's recorder too, that's why we had her pick out her own special hot pink one for her birthday. Boy can she keep a secret! She is such a big girl, in her big girl room, a whole 2 years old. -Cathy

Melissa said...

I've been waiting expectantly for a synopsis of the birthday events! It sounds like Bryn definitely celebrated her 2nd birthday in style!