Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bryn's Big Girl Room

And here are some pictures of Bryn's "big girl" room overall. She has made the transition really well. She doesn't even try to walk into the nursery; she knows that this is "her" place now. I took pictures from each of the four corners of the room, so hopefully you can kind of imagine what they look like together.

Here's a shot from the doorway. You can see Bryn's "big girl" bed (thanks again to Jennie and family for the "donation"), where she likes to sit in to read stories, and occassionally climbs under the covers, but still refuses to sleep. The white shelves are ones that we bought unfinished and painted ourselves to hold picture frames, keepsakes, etc. I sewed the curtains myself (I know, I'm getting very crafty!), the "vanity table" is one that Nana rescued from being thrown out by their church in Elkhart (Bryn loves it and sits there to play after her nap every day), and the chair is one that was in my room growing up.

Here's one taken from near the crib. Again you can see the curtains and chair, as well as her bookshelf. This bookshelf was quite the project. We wanted a white one to match the room, but we just couldn't find a white one anywhere for a decent (aka reasonable) price. Eventually, we painted one of our old ones. This was quite the project, as it is actually made out of particle board, which, it turns out, does not hold paint well. You can also see the Cinderella wall mural and her princess clock, folding table, and chairs. Apparently Disney has made quite the business on all their princess paraphenalia.

This shot is taken from the corner by her (walk-in) closet (spoiled little girl). You can see the Cinderella mural, which is right over her table and chairs. So far she hasn't played much with the table, but she loves climbing in and out of the chairs! You can also see the white dresser, which doubles as a changing table and ended up being far more of a task to assemble than we had ever dreamed (good thing we called in Ben's family as reinforcements). You can also see the corner of her new crib--the old one is still in the nursery, awaiting the arrival of the new baby. On the wall over the dresser and crib is the princess poster that started the whole project. Over that are wooden letters which Suellen and I painted to match the room. Bryn loves when I point at them and say "B-R-Y-N spells Bryn!"

And here's the view from the armchair by the window. Nothing really new here, just a different view. You can see the princess poster, her name letters, the dresser/changing table (baskets compliments of the Siegmanns' storage unit clearance sale :)), her crib, and the Belle mural (which you can also find in close-up shots in a post a while back). Next to the crib is her "babies' bed," which is another Elkhart church clearance acquisition. You can just barely see the rail of her big-girl bed next to that. So that's the whole room! We're very proud of it, and Bryn would be happy playing in there all day long, so I guess we achieved our goal. :)

In other news, no, there is no baby yet. I have continued to have Braxton-Hicks contractions, which are growing in intensity by the day, and I am now dilated to 4 cm, but still no baby. I did have a bout with the flu this past week (thankfully Ben and Bryn both got flu shots beforehand), and that left me pretty weak, so there were a few days there when I was quite glad to not be in labor. Now I'm feeling much better, though, and definitely ready for this baby to come!

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Kathy said...

Hi Amy! Ryan's mom and I are sitting here reading your blog together :-) You did a great job on Bryn's new room! Really cute.