Monday, October 29, 2007

Zoo Boo and Miscellaneous Moo

This year for Halloween, Bryn is going dressed as a cow. This was a pretty easy decision since 1) cows are by far her favorite animals and 2) a woman at Ben's work gave us her child's old cow costume for free. I was a little nervous that Bryn might not like the cow costume, since she cried hysterically every time we so much as showed her the monkey costume last year. Apparently she has grown in maturity and dress-up skills since then, because she was absolutely thrilled the first time I took the costume out of her closet last Thursday. She immediately wanted me to put it on her, and then she ran into our bathroom to look at herself in the full-length mirror. She spent the rest of the morning (okay, the next three days) running around the house in her costume shouting "moo!".

The first wearing of the costume was for the annual Zoo Boo at the Indianapolis Zoo, which Bryn and I attended on Thursday with Cathy and Christopher and our friends Kathleen and Emily. Chris was also sporting a free costume--more specificially, Bryn's monkey ensemble from last year. I'm glad at least one child got some joy out of it! Here you can see the kids all decked out and ready for zoo adventures:

Monkey Christopher, Dog Emily, and Cow Bryn
The kids had a really fabulous time. All of the animals seemed extra-friendly, possibly because I would imagine they don't get all that many visitors in late October. We witnessed seals having an argument (much barking, and then one pushed another off a rock), a walrus standing up, a lion pacing by its fence, hyperactive baboons, and two dolphins that wanted to get up close and personal with Bryn.
My little cow, checking out her surroundings.
We had such a good time, in fact, that pregnant lady here overdid it, and I basically ended up limping out to the Jeep while leaning heavily on Bryn's stroller. Apparently walking all over the zoo while carrying my 29-pound "calf" was not a good idea when 8 months pregnant! If only I could have climbed in and had her push me like she tried to do to Christopher!
Bryn pushes Christopher in her stroller.
On Friday, Ben and I took Bryn for an afternoon tour of the Trader's Point Organic Creamery, where she got to see cows being milked. She loved being up close and personal with the "moos" and definitely did not want to leave, in spite of the fact that we were getting rained on. When we got home, she insisted on putting on her own cow costume and running around the house in it. We had Alicia and Suellen over that night, and they thought she was the cutest thing ever. Ben and Alicia stayed up way too late having a 4+ hour "War of the Ring" gaming marathon, and Suellen and I mostly sat around and then fell asleep. :)
On Saturday night, Ben, Bryn, and I got dressed up and attended our friend Stacy's Halloween festivities. ONe of the cutest parts of the whole night actually occurred before we even left the house, when we put Bryn in her costume right after dinner. We'd had chicken strips for dinner (which Bryn actually ate voraciously, in spite of her usual vegetarian tendencies), and she was still nibbling on one as we got her dressed. She ran around the house shouting "moo!" while chomping on her chicken strip. We think Chick-Fil-A should pay us some royalties and use these adorable pictures in their advertising campaign:
"Eat Mor Chiken!"
Since Bryn was obviously attending the party as a cow, Ben and I decided to attend as cowboys. My costume never did end up being complete, though, as Bryn stole my hat immediately and wore it for the rest of the night. She spent most of the actual party sitting on the couch, nibbling on broccoli and watching "Shrek," but Ben and I had a great time getting caught up with friends.
Cow and cowpoke
Other miscellaneous events of the past week:
* Bryn had a successful 2-year check-up. She's still in the 50th percentile for weight, totalling about 29 pounds. She's 33 inches tall, which puts her a little above the 25th percentile for height--finally, one of my genes manages to shine through! Never fear, though, she's still Daddy's girl through and through: her head is still in the 95th percentile for size. I'm dreading what I'll feel like a few weeks from now if her baby sister shares this feature....
* Ben started his NEW JOB at Ingersoll-Rand today. Very exciting! So far he's really enjoying it, liking his boss, meeting nice people, and feeling challenged by new projects.
* Bryn attended my homebound tutoring gig with me today, so then she got to visit with the family's horses afterwards. Several of the horses got right down by Bryn's little face at the fence to inspect her, which alternately thrilled and terrified her. What can I say? My girl loves farm animals!


Kathy said...

aww the cow and cowpoke picture is SO so cute. I love it, Amy!

Glad to hear Ben's new job is going well. Hope to see you guys soon.

Anonymous said...

good post! :) those pictures are so so cute! we probably need to see each other sometime soon... due to the fact that i miss you!!!

love you,

amypfan said...

Angie--No kidding!!! When are you going to be in town next? Email me!

Anonymous said...

Sooo cute! :) I can just see her running around, going MOoooooo! - Jill

Libtastic said...

oi vey - we very very very clearly need to catch up, seeing as how much I'm clearly out of the loop on after having read 3 posts now...

I do actually have a bit of a break tomorrow - prep that phone, cuz I'm a-calling.

(did i just say that!?!)

Melissa said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

YEAH BEN! Major congrats! How did the Clarian tour go? Bryn pulls off "cow" better than any other 2-year-old I know. So cute! I love reading your adventures on the blog!!! And I'm impressed you're still finding time for it in the final phase of misery :) I think I had a sympathy pain when you wrote that part about not looking forward to another large head passing through. lol... You wanna know the only thing better than Janie and Jack? DRUGS. lol... Miss you guys bunches. Love, Caroline

Anonymous said...

I was catching up on your blog and noticed the I want comments thing.. so here you go!
First of all cuteness on the costume! =)
Jay is in love with all animals too.. so next time you are around, a zoo visit w/families would be a good idea!
Love all the pics too!


Ben said...

Yeah, her cow costume was basically "the cute".

amypfan said...

Who knew? My husband has a blog. News to me! :)