Thursday, October 04, 2007

Coming Up For Air

Ahhh. You readers should interpret that noise as a deep sigh of relief. I am now officially finished with my 32-day stint as an English teacher and am back to being a stay-at-home mom (at least for the time being). All of my students kept asking me if I would miss them, and I said, yes, on Monday I will, but today and tomorrow will just feel like a much-deserved long weekend! Thus far I have been right.

Monday and Tuesday of this week were half days for the students and staff development for us grown-ups. Thankfully, my principal excused me from the staff development stuff, leaving me free to grade papers, photocopy materials, and generally just prepare for my exit. On Wednesday, three out of my six classes threw me going-away parties. Now, I am realistic enough to know that I was just the excuse and that the parties were really designed to allow them to consume large amounts of junk food and avoid classwork, but I was okay with that. When all was said and done, I managed to get all my possessions packed up and loaded into my car (with the help of the students). The down side to all of this is that I still have roughly 40 poetry analysis papers to grade (for no pay) before I am officially "done" with my stint at ZCHS, but the ability to sleep in might actually make that worth it. Last night Ben surprised me with a celebratory "retirement" dinner at Ruby Tuesday's with Alicia and Suellen, so my time off definitely started enjoyably.

Bryn and I slept in this morning, and she has been in a great mood for me all day. We played and began to catch up on chores this morning, and then we went down for naps this afternoon. I have a much-needed chiropractor's visit in about an hour, and then we'll get to hang out with Ben tonight. It's very nice to actually be able to spend time with my family!! My OB visit on Monday revealed that I am severely anemic (as in, they put my on prescription medicine for it--and this medicine is currently NOT agreeing with my stomach), which I guess explains my extreme exhaustion as of late (and here I thought it was just due to being 7 months pregnant and working full time), so I have been glad for today's extra rest.

Tomorrow night holds working in the concession stand for the final game of the season, and then I'll be back at ZCHS bright and early on Saturday morning to proctor the SAT (I'm hoping to use my "sitting silently" time of proctoring to grade the rest of those pesky poetry papers). Then I start into my "new job," which is actually a sweet gig of scoring the SAT from home. I just log onto Pearson's website during whatever hours I am available to score tests, and I get paid $17 an hour for it. Plus I am going to be homebound tutoring one of my former students for two hours a week while she recovers from a surgery. It seems that I am not quite "retired" after all, but this schedule is excellent because I can spend time with Brynie and make money while sitting around in my pajamas!! :)


Kathy said...

yay for being almost done! :) see you Sunday!

Anonymous said...

eat Grape Nuts - when i was pregnant with Lauren it raised my Iron level by 2 points! Check the box it worked for me!