Monday, October 08, 2007

Bryn's Newest Friend

This past Saturday, while I was off proctoring the SAT, Ben took Bryn over to his friend Steve's house for a morning of fun. The dads got to hang out, chat, and watch TV while the kids played happily in the living room. Steve's son Caleb is about a year older than Bryn, and since Bryn is far more interested in older kids than ones her own age, she was obviously thrilled with this set-up. Ben says that they played very well with each other. I actually have yet to meet Steve, his wife, and Caleb, but Ben says the boys are working on correcting that situation. Meanwhile, if these pictures are any indication, it seems that Caleb might be the cutest little boy in the world--look out Christopher, I think you have competition for the position of "Bryn's first boyfriend!"
Bryn explores all of Caleb's toys.... apparently he's better at sharing than she is!

Bryn's newest friend, Caleb--very cute!!

Speaking of Christopher, Bryn did not see The Friend for a whole four days, but she held up admirably and only whined for him once. When she woke up today, though, I told her that we were going to see "friend Chris," and she got so excited that she didn't even eat her breakfast. So I took her over to Cathy's, and Cathy babysat her while I did my homebound tutoring gig in Zionsville. Then we split up for lunch and naps, and in the afternoon, I assisted Cathy with dropping off her car to get new tires, and then we took the babies shopping for winter wardrobes at the new Kohl's in town while her car was being worked on. It's funny to be buying winter clothes when it's 93 degrees out in October, but with a 50% off grand opening sale, you really can't go wrong.
The rest of this week holds big plans for running errands, more tutoring, library class for Bryn, catching up on household projects, and going up to Michigan this weekend to visit Ben's extended family. We're keeping busy trying to fit everything in before the new baby arrives!
On a separate note, what's up with the lack of comments? I remember the "name that baby" post that got 32 comments! And I also know that there are many of you out there who read regularly and have never, ever commented..... I know this because on the rare occassions that I see you and start to tell you stories about what's going on with us, you say, "Oh, I know, I read that on the blog." It's great that you're all keeping updated on me this way, but leave me some comments so I can keep updated on you too!!!


Kathy said...

Boy crazy already?! :)

Have fun this weekend!

Anonymous said...

those pictures are totally cute!

can i just take this time to complain about how you were NOT concessioning @ zcs homecoming when i was there? i was not very happy. your husband did get graced with my presence long enough to tell me that you ditched for BU homecoming though.


Melissa said...

Caleb sure is cute but he's no Eduardo :)

I haven't been posting lately because I haven't been reading. I'm working hard on getting caught up and also on replying to your emails and getting the What Friends Do website set up-- it sounds like you could really start using it now!!