Monday, October 15, 2007

Beautiful Baby Bryn

Our friends Ryan and Kathy came over for dinner last week (yes, I'm behind on posting--again), and while they were here, Kathy practiced her photographic talents by capturing several adorable poses of Bryn. I'm posting my favorites here. You can also see more of Kathy's work by taking the link to their blog in my sidebar. I keep telling her that she's going to be our official baby photographer!!

This one is just a candid shot. Even though she's not smiling, I think it's absolutely adorable!

Here's Bryn enjoying the baby swing that we purchased to go with the swingset we acquired from Ryan and Kathy. She could happily do this for hours on end!

Tela's most bizarre habit involves the constant licking of human feet. Me, Ben, guests, it doesn't matter; she goes straight for the foot bath. Bryn has picked up on this and now offers her feet to Tela. I'm glad someone enjoys the dog's weird habit!!
Here's Bryn on her indoor playset. It looks like she's doing a modeling pose, but she's actually showing off her smarts by pointing to her ear upon Daddy's request.


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:) Bryn makes it so easy!

Libtastic said...

oh my gosh that ridiculously adorable... i miss you guys!

let's try a thursday catch-up?