Sunday, September 09, 2007

A Quick Update

This week has pretty much been madness, so for all of those of you who I owe phonecalls or emails, they're coming, I promise! Here's a quick update of our week--sorry, no creativity right now. :)

Monday - Hooray for Labor Day and no work! Libby was here visiting, and we spent the vast majority of the day painting furniture in Bryn's big girl room. This led to many great hours of conversation and catching up, which was just the right way to spend the day. We also did dinner at BW3, since none of us had been there since, well, probably when Libby last lived here (over a year ago). Bryn became obsessed with the video games and small machines holding 25 cent prizes, and we eventually had to drag her out of there.

Tuesday - Back to work. My day was spent discussing Antigone and Robert Frost. The highlight was when Libby brought me a delicious Eagle Creek sandwich for lunch during my prep, which led to more good visiting, as well as Libs getting to see some kids. I left school almost as rapidly as the kids in order to drive frantically to Carmel to make it to my OB appointment, where I got to be a human pincushion for the sake of my 28 week labs. All I can say is, orange drink, yuck. I completely crashed following this experience, waking up only for dinner.

Wednesday - I spent four periods watching a deadly boring video about Emily Dickinson. It was so bad that I almost don't even blame the kids for falling asleep.... although I did still give them a quiz at the end to make sure they had been paying attention (I'm mean). The big news of the day is that we finally got our fence installed! It looks fantastic, and best of all, it means that we don't have to take the dogs out on leashes anymore. We are quite happy!

Thursday - My students were extra hyper for some reason, possibly in anticipation of the Colts game. The game itself started too late for teachers and babies (all of 8:30), but we had Cathy, Eric, and Christopher, Alicia and Suellen, and Mike, Kathleen, and Emily over for a pre-game cookout and round of Lifeboat (which, by the way, Ben enjoys so much that he started talking in his sleep about it the other night). I argue that I should have won the game, but it seems that Eric is our champion by a technicality. :) Oh yeah, and Colts win!

Friday - My morning featured students explaining to me that they had not done their homework because they were watching (or attending) the game. I further exemplified my meanness when I told them too bad, homework was due anyway. I mean, really. The afternoon featured the continued efforts of my 6th and 7th period classes to drive me to insanity--they are just extremly "high energy," so much so that at one point I threatened to go into early labor if they would not be quiet. Bryn was apparently a bit of a monster for Cathy this morning. (Conversation as reported by Cathy: Cathy says, during Bryn's first tantrum at 8:15, "Bryn, are you going to be a wee beastie all day long?" And Bryn replies, "Yup." And then followed through. My take on it? At least she's learning to reply in the affirmative, and at least she's honest!) Friday night held another full-family running of the concession stand, thankfully with student and parent workers this time. It was about a million degrees in the concession stand, and Bryn's little face was beet red after being in there for about 10 minutes, so Ben and I had to take turns chasing her around the stadium during the game. She was alternately fascinated by the band (yeah!), the cheerleaders, the crowd, and the rocks on the ground, but did not seem too interested in the actual football, except when the players all jogged directly past her to get onto the field at the start of the game.

Saturday - Bryn and I spent the morning hitting some nearby garage sales, where we made a few excellent finds, some of which will be held back for her birthday. We had planned to attend Fall Festival in Zionsville, ideally at the time that the show choirs performed, but it was simply too humid to keep the baby and the pregnant lady out any longer, as we both were dripping with sweat and needed clothing changes following the garage sales. The afternoon held a huge rainstorm and four-hour naps for daddy and daughter, which a shorter version for me (stupid pregnant bladder). We went to the Saturday night service at church, where we heard a seriously excellent sermon. Then dinner and bed.

Sunday - Good morning! Time for me to wrap this off, as I'm off to the 9:30 service at church to meet my new small group (all freshmen girls) at the youth service. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Melissa said...

Goodness gracious girl, take a rest! I need a nap after just reading this!

Libtastic said...

i love you - i loved seeing you - and i love that you laugh at my misfortune :)