Sunday, September 30, 2007

Homecoming x2

It has been quite a busy weekend here at the MeyPfan house, due to the fact that it was Homecoming for both Butler and Zionsville (and also Brownsburg, although this luckily will not affect us until Bryn gets into school!). After a crazy week of mounting student excitement (for Homecoming) and panic (for the large papers and project that were due on Friday), I finished up my last full workweek for this year and proceeded into a hectic evening. Cathy dropped Bryn off at Alicia and Suellen's house for me, and they took her to the park, fed her snacks, and generally spoiled her while I went to work at the ZCHS concession stand. Blessedly, the girls' volleyball team proved to be superstar workers, and my wonderful husband showed up to take over for me after a mere hour and a half of preparing massive amounts of hot dogs and popcorn.

After rushing home and changing out of my concession-stink clothing, I met up with Alicia, Suellen, Bryn, and one of our good friends from college, Kristen. As it was nearly 7:30 by this point, we headed out immediately for Ruby Tuesday's, where we feasted on salad bar and were later joined by another good college friend, Krysten, and her husband, Adam. Aside from some fussiness out of Bryn (which was understandable, as she ended up being awake far past her bedtime), we had a great time all getting caught up.

Kristen spent the night at our house, and Krysten and Adam stayed with Al and Suellen, and we all met up again the next morning to grab some lunch and head over to Butler for the Homecoming festivities. We visited some of the favorite old spots, ran into old friends, and hit the bookstore for a restocking of Butler wear. Our family decided to bail before the actual game, due to the fact that it was past Bryn's naptime. The whole gang reconvened at our house that evening, where Krysten prepared us a scrumptious Italian feast and Ben indoctrinated the out-of-towners with a game of Bang.

I had to rush out in the middle of the game, though, in order to get to ZCHS in time to chaperone the Homecoming dance. This was actually a lot more fun than it might sound like. Kids came up and hugged me and showed off their dress-up ensembles and dates all night, and I was actually asked to dance by four junior boys (I refused them all). Experiences like that really remind me why I went into teaching--not for the content, or the grading, or the discipline, but because I love teenagers and being with them makes me happy. Not to mention that it's a huge plus when they love me back. I would say that the only downfall of the night was that I discovered our unborn child's apparent love for bad rap music, as she was dancing up a storm in my stomach all night. As in, both I and the parent chaperone sitting next to me could see my stomach bouncing all over the place from her kicks. Yikes.

Today held the youth service with my awesome small group at church, then family naptime, then many chores and a winning Colts game. I am thrilled to report that I only have 3 days of teaching left before my "retirement" for this year. I will miss the kids desperately, and I have no idea how I'm going to grade 71 poetry analysis papers by Wednesday, but I have to admit that it will be wonderful to sleep in, put my feet up during the day, spend more time with Brynie, and get caught up on projects and on time with friends.

Anyway, here's a few of my favorite pictures from this weekend:

Bryn rides the bulldog at Hinkle Fieldhouse
Here's the reunion gang: Kristen, Ben, me and Bryn, Krysten, Adam, Suellen, and Alicia


Anonymous said...

I love that picture of Bryn on the bulldog, that look on her face is so precious! -Cathy

Andrea said...

Cute pics! Sorry we couldn't find you before you left, but I hear from Marie that Hannah managed to go find you guys. ;) It was waaaaaay past her nap time as well and we ended up leaving shortly after you guys. It was a fun weekend though!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had fun :) Retirement...does this mean we get more blog posts?! I think we need another Ben vs. Amy photo contest!