Monday, September 03, 2007

The ABCs of Our Week

Ah, blogging, how I have missed you. Here's an alphabetized list of the ups and downs of my week:

Antigone - I spent two class periods a day reading this Greek tragedy aloud with utterly uninterested sophomores. I mean, come on, with the well-known high school love of drama, surely they could get slightly interested in a play where people marry their blood relatives and then kill themselves, right?

Bryn - The Muffin seems to be doing far better with going to Cathy's during the day. This week she didn't even cry when Ben dropped her off most mornings, and she has also stopped crying when we drop her off at the church nursery. She does demand intense play time from us in the evenings, but we are happy to oblige.

Concessions - Ben, Bryn, and I are once again managing the concession stand at ZCHS for home football games. This past Friday night was horrific, as we were understaffed by about half, but we powered on through and now have a refrigerator full of leftover hot dogs to show for it.

Dogs - Dagny and Tela are apparently in molting season, as our carpet is covered with hair every night when we get home. Just what the busy family needs--another chore to do. Meanwhile, Dagny had an adventure of her own on Saturday when she pulled out of her collar and took off running through the nearby empty lots, thus scaring the living daylights out of about 100 grazing geese, much to her great delight.

EBay - Ben has had a lucrative week on his "other" job, including selling many of the Disney mugs that Cathy asked us to put up for sale for her.

Fence - We will finally be getting ours installed this week--hooray! It will be such a blessed relief to be able to just let the dogs out to do their business on their own rather than having to stand there with them yanking mercilessly on their leashes. This willl also make a better play area for Bryn.

Game Night- The Return of Game Night occurred last night, so we were able to catch up with seven friends, eat a scrumptious potluck dinner, and play some large-group games that have just been gathering dust all summer. (Ben would like me to mention that as far as "Bang!" is concerned, he is the best deputy ever and managed to kill two outlaws in one turn.)

Heat - After what seems like an eternity of 90+ degree days, this week we actually had two of a decent temperature, which allowed us to play outside with Bryn and get some outdoor chores done. Don't get too comfortable though, next week the heat will return.

In-service - In spite of the fact that I am actually working as a substitute teacher this fall, I was still required to attend the seemingly neverending in-service day of speakers on Friday, when really all I wanted was to be at home in bed.

Juniors - My English 11 classes finished up their American Dream projects this week. I spent four periods a day on Monday and Tuesday in the library while they worked on them, and then four periods a day on Wednesday and Thursday watching their presentations. I would say I'm glad to have them over with, except that our next unit is poetry, which is apparently the universally most-hated topic of students everywhere.

Kept the sprinkler on all night - After getting extremely motivated and putting down fertilizer over our whole lawn, Ben turned on the sprinkler to "green it up" so that "our lawn will be greener than the Jordans'." Unfortunately, he then went to sleep and forgot about it.... so apparently our water bill will be higher than the Jordans' as well.

Libby - Hooray! Libs is in town from California for almost week of visiting. While most of her visit does revolve around Zionsville and her former youth ministry position there, we were lucky enough to steal her away for a nice long visit, Sunday night until Tuesday morning. She is sleeping off her jetlag in our guest room as I write this.

Monthly Mowing of the Lawn - Due to the excessive heat and our excessively busy schedules, Ben had not gotten around to mowing the lawn for almost an entire month. Now, let it be said that since we've had no rain, our lawn actually didn't look all that bad, except in comparison to the Jordans (next door) and the Browns (two doors down), who are both lawn champs. In Ben's defense, though, when he did get around to mowing, he did quite the nice job, including fertilizing (see K).

Nighttime leg cramps - These seem to be a standard for this pregnancy. I continue to wake up in the night with intense cramping in my calves, in spite of increases in my potassium, magnesium, and calcium intakes at the suggestion of various friends and books. The cramps are so bad that I now limp during the day because they never quite go away.

OB - This is where I will be spending tomorrow afternoon, doing my 28-week labs for gestational diabetes and all kinds of other fun things. Given my great fear of needles, I've pretty much been dreading this visit. But it does mean that we're down to 12 weeks or so until the arrival of (still unnamed) Baby Girl!

Painting Projects - That's how we plan to spend today. I will (hopefully) be finishing Bryn's Belle mural (pictures to come), and we also plan to enlist Libby's help in giving Bryn's big-girl furniture (all garage sale acquisitions) a makeover.

Quiet - A delightful way to spend the morning. Here it is 10:30 on a Monday morning, and I am blissfully typing away on the blog while Ben relaxes and Bryn plays. Long weekends are wonderful.

Rash - Bryn developed quite the monster rash in her diaper region this week. We're talking red and raw, complete with blisters. Babysitter extraordinaire Cathy actually took her to the doctor for us. And better still, when Dr. Z went to write a prescription, Cathy revealed that she already had the medicine in stock, so we didn't even need to write any money on that. Let it be said that there was no better place for Bryn to be this week than the House of Rash, since Cathy has a great deal of experience in these matters, due to the overall sensitivity of Christopher's bum. :)

Sign Language - Another mark of the great babysitter. Chris is quite fluent in sign language, so Cathy has been teaching Bryn for the last two weeks as well. In the past two days alone, Bryn has mastered the signs for "friend," "eat," "drink," and "help." If she learns too much more, I think Cathy is going to have to give Ben and I a tutorial as well so we know what our daughter is saying!!

Tuesday nights - To conclude a summer of Tuesday night softball, Ben's team played in the championship this Tuesday night (after it got rained out last Saturday). Ben made several awesome catches (one of which particularly seemed to defy gravity) and even hit an in-the-park homerun. Unfortunately, with half his team absent from the game due to the startup of MBA classes, his heroic efforts were not enough to vault them into the lead.

Um - I'm pretty much running out of ideas for each letter here, but I hope you all appreciate my valiant efforts in this area.

Vomit - This Tuesday held what one of my students referred to as "the most intense classroom experience I have ever had" when another kid projectile vomited all over my classroom. As in, he lost it at least six times before he even made it to the trash can. This was especially distressing for me, as pregnant women are known to vomit at just about anything. It took me two class periods after that to settle my churning stomach. And to top it all off, another kid threw up on his way to my class on Wednesday. Intense yuckiness.

Wednesday night - As is probably not surprising after reading the entry for V, I spent all of Wednesday night hunched over the toilet in our bathroom. Whether this was pregnancy-induced or just a reaction to my past few days, I am not really sure. At any rate, I was up sick virtually all night, yet since I am just a sub and am paid by the day, I still had to go to work the next morning.

XC meet - This was the girls' track coach's excuse for her absolute lack of workers on Friday night (see C). As an understatement, we were not happy. Nor were the fans, since we could not work fast enough to keep up with their orders for popcorn and hot dogs.

Yawn - Ben and I were both pretty beat by this weekend. Getting up at 5:00 every day (especially after one night--W--of hardly sleeping at all) has definitely taken its toll on me, and Ben's 3 nights a week of 3:00 am wakeup calls for Wizo work wear out even the man who claims to not need sleep.

Zionsville - It's funny to be back spending so much time in Zville these days after hardly being there at all since last November. It's good to be back with the ZCHS staff though, and I love getting to see the kids. 4 1/2 more weeks to go....

So there's our week in review. After all the effort that I put into this post, I will be disappointed with anything less than a barrage of comments to say hello and catch me up on what all of you are up to! :)


Anonymous said...

Well Done! I must say, thank you for all the compliments. I am really enjoying having Bryn everyday, it's like having a daughter, sweet and calm (mostly) and I even get to do her hair! -Cathy

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed! :) i am sitting here at school- all moved in. you better keep up with the posts because classes start tomorrow and your blog is my favorite procrastination site! :)

Angie <><

Anonymous said...

You are totally due for a big kudos for your fabulous blog entry! I love them all (you're way more dedicated than me)and this one was above and beyond. Sorry for all the sick and tell those kids that Antigone is way more interesting than Oedipus at Colonus (which is like "whatching paint dry").
love ya,

Libtastic said...

is it remotely ironic that i'm writing to you as you now sleep? :)

indeed! :)

oh how fun it is to be with you :) I like being stolen. I wish we all had more stealing time!

Andrea said...

Holy cow, I am massively impressed! :)

We were sad to miss game night! Everyone is getting better, so hopefully we'll be able to make the next one!

Melissa said...

Wow, this is the most impressive blog entry I have ever read! But Amy, I am seriously worried about you now; it sounds like you are working waaaaaay too hard. I'm exhausted just reading it. Please take care of yourself. I wish I was closer and had time and could do something to help, like mow your lawn or sweep up dog hair :) Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Very nice - very long entry! But I do agree with Melissa, take care of you too! Looking forward to you guys coming up in October! - Jill

Libtastic said...

amy... so sad... madeleine l'engle died - and in a nursing home! :(

i had to share... not that it's happy or something

i need to work on my ellipses obsession, don't i?