Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Popular (#100)

Wow. So it seems that I had no idea how many people read my blog. I AM POPULAR. This has left me inspired to blog more often and rather nervous about letting you all down. I am particularly interested in all of those of you who leave anonymous comments. Do I actually know you, or are you just internet stalkers? And what about you lurkers, who read yet never post? I learned today that my long-lost friend Anna (actually, my friend Anna who I have not talked to in about 5 years, but apparently knew where I was anyway, in spite of my many unsuccessful attempts to locate her) has actually been reading the blog for the last year (hi Anna).

At any rate, since the number of comments on my last post is rapidly nearing 40 and I've also received many emails from those of you who read but can't figure out how to post, I think it's time to post again. Although I did consider seeing how many posts I could get before moving on.... At any rate, if you have burning comments regarding names, feel free to post them with this one. :)

I must say, first off, that you have all convinced me to take Madeline off the list for the time being, and Brooke off the list possibly forever. That being said, Shay remains a frontrunner. My top two choices are 1) Shaylin Grace and 2) Shay Alexandra. After reading all the posts, Ben informed me last night that he is "75% sold on Shaylin Grace." When I asked him how his other 25% was divided, he just shrugged and said "undecided." I think he's subconsciously convinced, though, because this morning, as he lay in a half-conscious stupor, I put his hand on my stomach and he felt her kick for the first time. After saying, "That was a kick? Your whole stomach just moved!!" he then smiled and said, "Hi Shay." before rolling over and attempting to go back to sleep.

So here's notes to all my adoring fans.... okay, or at least those of you who posted....

(I think this is where I left off before)

Kathy - Hi! I never figured out which anonymous comment was you, but if you're the one who said you didn't care for Shay, I hope you don't feel TOO strongly about that and we can still hang out if we progress in that direction.... lol...

Helen - I really do like Kaitryn.... kind of a combination of Caitlin and Katrina, both of which are names I like.

Melissa - While I love you, I don't think we will be naming this baby after either your car (much as we have enjoyed it) or any of the people you have encountered in Nicaragua. :)

Pamela - Enthusiasm... hmm... a viable choice for a middle name.... Sadly, I think we are voted down on this one. :) So funny story, Ben actually just read a magazine article about some famous person (sorry, don't remember who) who named his daughter Shea after the stadium but didn't tell his wife that was his reasoning.... luckily, when it came out, she still liked the name, since the baby was already born!

Caroline - Mia and Molly = both names I like. Ben nixed Mia though, and I have some negative associations with Molly. We might end up with daughters with matching middle names though!!

Jill - One of my good friends just had a baby named Lily, so I won't be stealing that name, at least for this round. :) What's funny is that her second choice name was Ava. Actually, my primary argument against Ava is that it starts with an A, and we have found that the two Bs are WAY more confusing than we were counting on. Anyway, I will endeavor to not name the baby after the dog!!

Andrea - If only we were having a boy!! I wouldn't go just Shay Grace; the two one syllables sound funny. Thanks for the name meanings. :)

Kelly - Hi!! I'm so glad to hear from you! And great name suggestion--you may just end up being the winner (sorry, no prizes provided).

Andrea (again) - It seems you're not the only one....

Anonymous (Shea + family name) - Is this Tom? Ben and I are guessing it is!

Trisha - Do you hate this baby before she even arrives? :) I can just see all of you serenading little Loooola....

Anonymous (Amelia) - I don't really have a guess on who left this one.... But I will say that I have a few too many friends (Pam!) who call me Amela to keep this from being confusing.

Angie - I am in favor of both votes! And Ava Grace sounds like something Kara would have used, doesn't it? Can't wait to see you on Friday!

Anonymous (3 pieces of advice) - I also don't have a guess on who this one is... I think we pretty much threw away our chances of our kids finding stuff with their names on it when we named the first one Bryn..... But I definitely agree on keeping the nickname part of the original name, since I was confused by many students over the years who did NOT follow this simple rule!

Alicia - I will not be naming my baby after any ferrets, thanks. I am a fan of Parker for you, but if Suellen feels she needs more choices, refer her to this page.... there are plenty of good ones here that I won't be able to use! And I didn't know you had a blog!

Mike - I really like that. Part of the great appeal of Shay is that it is Irish (Bryn is Welsh, and the two boys names we have picked out for future use - Liam and Aiden - are also Celtic). However, Ben made a face and cut Moira upon going through the baby names book a couple months ago. :(

Katie - Where have you been all my life (or all summer)? We need to get together!

Angie (again) - A good way to combine two suggestions, and an adorable movie! I'm still with you on the top 2 votes though.

Crissy - I agree 100%! Besides, the poor kid will have a hard enough time spelling the last names for people....

Okay, I think that's all the comments--unless more of you have gotten motivated and commented while I've been typing this. :)

By the way, this is post #100 for me, so thanks for putting up with my ramblings all this time!


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy! I was the one who said Shay wasn't my fav, but, I think Shaylin Grace is cute! :) I'm sure she'll be a cutie either way!


amypfan said...

Didn't mean to shut you all up.... This post's 1 comment looks pretty weak next to the 35 on the last post! Feel free to continue the debate; I was just getting tired of scrolling through 30+ comments to read the new ones. :)

Kathy - thanks for the stamp of approval. :)

Anonymous said...

Well if you are going for Welsh... Gwyn is always a good choice. Only if spelled with a Y though....hehehe


Libtastic said...

i'm kinda really bitter that I didn't finish the post I was writing - silly power on my laptop...

alas, here's what i was attempting to say to you:

Mackenzie Shea/Shay
Riley Alexandra
Kayleigh Shea/Shay

I think that the other thought I had was that I kinda preferred the shay/shea as a middle name. I had a student in PA named Shea, and I think I just always doubted how to pronounce her name. I wanted to say "Shay-uh", though the spelling of Shay would theoretically eliminate that. But that's me, and clearly this is a front-runner for your child, not a fake child of my own, right?

oh to be in the same time zone! :) can't wait to see what comes of this...

Random question - would have a grace and a non-Christian middle name make a child jealous later down the line?? Just thinking randomly - as i do best.

Libtastic said...

oh i know the other thing i was saying...

how i had some ridiculous pattern going on w/ the names that had "a" endings...

ok, off to sleep.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Don't call my post weak ;) JK

Anonymous said...

Amy -- NO NO NO! I don't hate the baby! NO WAY! I just like the fact that you can sing a name is all! Hey.. Jay's got his own song, (formal name o course is James)sweet baby james by james taylor.. so I figured we could keep it running is all!
All in all, shay is good name too. And you know once *someone* starts refering to your belly as something.. it's hard to not go with it.

Ok though, just for the record, I'm still with Lola. =)

Good Luck!!

Andrea said...

Once again, 25,000 Baby Names is coming to the rescue! Here are the ways they suggest to spell your name (I assume it goes from most to least popular, but I can't be sure): Shaylyn, Shaylin, Shaylynn, Shealyn, Sheylyn.

It's really too bad you aren't having a boy - oh well, someone else can have the pleasure of naming their boy "Suck Chin" ;)

Melissa said...

Its probably for the best that you aren't going to name your baby after my car, though I do think that "Iris" is a really good name.

And for the record, my vote is still for Shea or Shay. Although I prefer the spelling "Shea," I also agree with Libtastic on the pronounciation. The first time I encountered the name "Shea" (this was pre-Jason and JD), I thought it was pronounced "Shee-uh." Duhhhh. Like Libby said, going with "Shay" would eliminate that.

Whatever you end up naming the baby, I'm sure it will be perfect!

Hey, and one more thing. All you Dunlap people who are reading Amy's blog! Where have you been? You had better check out my Nicaraguan adventure (though it is ending soon), I'm in serious need of some Dunlap Love here!

Miss you and see you soon!

Anonymous said...

CAN'T wait to see in you the AM! :) uh... yeah... most def. Shaylin Grace!!!!!! and call her Shay... uh.. yes. this is now my #1! :)


Anonymous said...

it's angie again... i slightly pee myself everytime i read the "suck chin" name.

amypfan said...

Here we go with the responses...

Gwyn - Actually did consider that, but it's too close to Bryn. :(

Libby - Hope the wedding was fun! We will have to connect soon.

Kathy - I didn't mean to call YOU weak, just those people that stopped posting when I started a new entry.... guess that specifying that won't get me out of trouble overall though! :)

Trisha - "Sweet Baby James"--such a great song! If we end up going with Shaylyn, I would suggest singing her name to the tune of Eric Clapton's "Layla." :)

Andrea - I think your baby names book is far better than mine.... Can we PLEASE get together for real this week?

Melissa - ONE WEEK UNTIL YOU COME HOME!!!!!! Definitely thinking of Shay over Shea.... less issues that way. :)

Angie - Thanks for breakfast, and cute clothes.... Your last comment made my day!!

AJ said...

Maybe you'll get lucky and it's really a boy and you can name him "Suck Chin". Or maybe WE'LL get lucky and have a boy before you and steal the name!!!

AJ said...

that was me (c) by the way :)

Anonymous said...

I know, it's just fun to give you a hard time :) You know, Nov is coming up really quickly!


Anonymous said...

WOW.... I got mentioned on the BLOG! How exciting. After a year of stalking, I finally get mentioned. :) One more day of band camp. Hope you're doing well. By the way, I'm still voting for Ames.

- Anna

Libtastic said...

now that you're so popular, can we request more blogs from you?

ok, i just did

Anonymous said...

After all these wonderful ideas on names, what is you final choices? Let us all know!! We need some more Blogs on Mey-Phan news!!!