Sunday, August 26, 2007

One Down

One week down, five to go. I have now officially completed my first five days back at ZCHS, and I have to say that it went really well--at least from my perspective. :) I was excessively nervous on the first day, almost as nervous as I was on my actual first day teaching. I woke up early (even earlier than my 5:00 alarm), and then fretted all through getting ready and driving there. When I actually got to the parking lot, though, I had to laugh out loud at myself, since I had realized that I had neglected to figure out where faculty parking is located this year. I took a guess, turned out to be right, walked in with an old friend, and went from there. It turns out that finding the correct parking area was the biggest difficulty I faced all day.

As I told Ben when I got home on Monday night, the weirdest thing about going back to ZCHS was how utterly not weird it was. I felt like I was just picking up right where I had left off, a regular old teacher coming back from the summer. It didn't seem at all like it has been two years since I've taught and one year since I've worked at all. I saw many familiar faces of both staff and students, and it was great to get caught up with everyone. As my dad said, teaching came back to me just like riding a bike. Meaning, even though I haven't ridden a bike in many years, I have no doubt that I still have the ability to do it. :)

The rest of the week went well too, with my sophomores beginning to read "Antigone" and my juniors staring joint English-history projects about the American Dream. My biggest challenges this week have been learning all the kids' names (especially hard in the classes where we are doing group projects and they are never in their assigned seats) and getting enough sleep. I've been absolutely wiped out tired, and Cathy was good enough to keep Bryn late two evenings so that I could do some power napping.

As for Bryn, according to all reports, she's doing well. She had a tantrum one day for Cathy and several evenings for us, but still less than I would have expected. She loves playing with Christopher (and all his toys!), and Cathy took her on plenty of fun outings, such as playdates and a trip to the Children's Museum. Bryn has been rather clingy with Ben and me in the evenings and wants to be the center of our attention during the somewhat brief time that we are all together, and we are more than happy to oblige after being deprived of our Muffin all day.

This weekend has held some catching up on sleep for all of us, as well as tons of projects and a visit from Ben's parents. They arrived on Friday night just in time to kiss the baby goodnight and have a little visit with us before bedtime. Ben's softball tournament got rained out yesterday morning, but we still managed to pack the day so incredibly full that Bryn didn't even get a nap. We went stroller shopping and on various other errands, and Ben and his dad disassembled Ryan and Kathy's swingset and moved it to our house (with R & K's full permission, by the way). Bryn thinks that her Nana is about the best playmate ever and has been busy showing off all her talents and toys. Especially because I got absolutely nothing done around the house this week, what with going back to work and all, it has been really nice to have two extra pairs of willing hands to lighten the load this weekend.

We're off to church now, to be followed by a delectable Le Peep brunch, a re-assembling of the swingset in our yard, and perhaps some various painting projects before my moms' group picnic tonight. Then back to work in the morning!


Alicia said...

Glad to hear it's going well. Glad to I'm not the only one plowwing through the American Dream. :) At least Gatsby gets better with each read.

Anonymous said...

yay no more swingset ;)


Libtastic said...

just yesterday i thought to myself, it's been so long since i've ridden a bike, I wonder if it would be difficult to try again...

funny you mentioned that - though I'm not sure i have as much confidence as you...

yay, one more week!

Melissa said...

I'm glad your first week went well; I can't wait to hear about week 2.