Friday, August 10, 2007

More Paintings

I've just got a few moments here, but I thought I'd post some updates to my painting project. Here's Lumiere--his eyes need some work from my small-detail specialist husband, but otherwise I think he's looking quite snazzy.

And here's the footstool / dog, which was my least favorite piece before but we decided to include because Bryn loves dogs. Now that it's painted, though, I think it might be my favorite! I just really like how the colors turned out.
And here's the whole thing, a work in progress. I'm hoping to finish it up today or tomorrow. It may be a while before I start filling in the Cinderella mural on the opposite wall, though, because we have several other projects to take care of in the next week--not the least of which is housing 7 of Ben's gaming friends for the 5-day festival of GenCon!


Anonymous said...

Looks great!! I can't wait to see Mrs. Potts when she's done...but so far my favorite is Lumiere!


Andrea said...

Since I have cheated and seen it in person ahead of time, I'd have to say my favorite is Mrs. Potts! Very cute!

Anonymous said...

where are these located on the wall? top- near the ceiling or middle...?!!?

Angie <><