Friday, August 17, 2007

Let the Games Begin

The past few days have held big fun for most of the members of our family. Wednesday began the GenCon invasion. Ben used his lunch hour to pick up Todd, of Ninja Magic fame, from the airport, and after some flight delays, we also picked up Jason and Jeff, aka creators of Battlestations, on Wednesday night. This group was joined by our local friend Ryan, and after sorting out problems with badges at the Convention Center, we decided to go for a much-needed refueling at the Old Spaghetti Factory. Unfortunately, it seems that several thousand other people attending the convention had the same idea, and we ended up waiting an hour and a half for a table. By the time we were finally seated, we had been joined by our friend Bryce from Fort Wayne and his friend Kirby, and Bryn was getting rather impatient for some dinner, since it was already past her bedtime.

By the time our dinner marathon was over and we returned to the house, we were joined by Bryce's wife Mars and their friend Amanda, and our full house was able to settle in for the night. We've got people sleeping in all 3 of our spare bedrooms, as well as the playroom upstairs and the craft room downstairs. There are sleeping bags and gaming paraphenalia everywhere!

After crashing on Wednesday night, everyone was up by 8:00 on Thursday to shower and head down to the Convention Center for the first day of GenCon. All of them were working booths, so they all needed to get in and get set up before the general public was admitted at 10:00.

As for Bryn and I, we spent the day with Nana Helen, who drove down from Elkhart with a van full of toys rescued from the church dumpster. Apparently Ben's parents' church was cleaning out their preschool rooms and decided to dispose of many large items which were in perfectly fine condition, so Helen snapped them up for us. Here's a picture of Bryn in her overwhelmingly toy-filled paradise. I don't know how she'll ever play with all of them (or how we'll ever find reasonable spaces for all of them).

My day did not hold any of the fever-pitch excitement that Ben and Bryn both experienced over their new toys and games, but Helen did treat us to lunch at Steak 'n' Shake, and Derek came over to visit last night and brought me a cookie, so I can't complain. :)

I am told that the gaming went on until all hours in our kitchen last night, but I personally was asleep upstairs with a fan on and missed most of the hoopla. Everyone was off early for the Con again this morning and all seem to be having a great time.


Anonymous said...

Our boys and their silly games... I too was abandoned this weekend.


amypfan said...

Gwyn, Andrea, and Kathleen-
Next year, we're going to have a "gaming widows" weekend so we can actually have fun during this time. I'm serious about this!!

Melissa said...

You're welcome to come camp out at my place, now that I'm back in the US!

I'm sure Bryn will find a way to enjoy all of her new toys. And little sister Shay will be along soon enough to join in the fun.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record...I'm not a "dumpster diver" but I do enjoy finding bargains.


Nana Helen

Anonymous said...

Are you opening a daycare? I have never seen such a carnival of toys!!!! bryn must be in heaven :) i love seeing the updates of your paintings too. very cool. -C