Monday, August 20, 2007

Get Back

Is anybody familiar with the Beatles' song "Get Back"? I don't really know any of the song, which tells you to "Get back, get back, get back to where you once belonged." That chorus has pretty much been running on instant repeat in my head for the past few days. Why? Because the time has come for me to "get back" to my old life, "old" equating to "pre-Bryn."

Through a somewhat complicated series of events, I have been hired to work for the next 6 weeks at my old job, teaching English at Zionsville High School. Basically, another teacher is going to be on medical leave until the beginning of October and they needed someone (preferably someone who had a clue) to fill in. Enter me.

This job is really a huge blessing and has come at exactly the right time. We were looking for a way to make some extra money before the baby arrives, and this will allow me to do that, without causing my overworked husband to add to his already existing load of 3+ jobs. Secondly, the experience will hopefully help me to figure out my Long-Term Plan. I have gone back and forth for the past 3 years about whether I want to go back to teaching or not.... okay, those of you who knew me my first year at ZCHS know that I've really been wavering ever since then. Now that I've had a year off and have achieved some perspective, hopefully getting back to teaching for a short amount of time will allow me to discern whether teaching long-term is something that I want to pursue for the future, either at ZCHS or elsewhere. And thirdly, since our wonderful friend Cathy has agreed to Brynie-sit for the duration, it allows Bryn the chance to get used to not being the center of my attention before the baby comes. So all in all, this has worked out perfectly.

Today was my first day, and I actually really enjoyed it. I did miss Bryn desperately all day, and I'm struggling already to keep up on household and personal stuff (and I don't even have any grading yet!), but I really liked the part where I was actually at school. If this makes sense, the weirdest part was that it wasn't weird at all. I loved getting back to see the kids, and I feel like I just picked up where I left off with the faculty. It was so good to see them all again, and while I was initially worried that I'd be out of practice in the classroom, teaching today just felt like second nature.

The major down side to all of this is that I am absolutely exhausted. Our last remaining GenCon guest didn't leave until this morning, so we were up pretty late with him last night.... well, maybe not late for GenCon, but late for wussy me. :) Then we had the most gigantic storm ever last night. I was awake for almost two hours in the night, listened to the sound of golf ball sized hail pound against our house and watching actual sheets of water (as opposed to simple raindrops) sweep across the empty lot behind our house. This storm was so bad that most of Brownsburg lost power and Bburg schools were closed for the day. So once all the noise from that started, between the pounding and the crying Bryn (who was also awakened by the storm) and the dogs suffocating me (they are very afraid of thunderstorms and try to cuddle very close, while whimpering, whenever one occurs), I was awake for a good long while, worrying about today (I am very good at worrying). Then Ben's alarm went off at 3:00 so he could get up to do his online Wizo work. Then, finally, my alarm went off at 5:00, 3+ hours before the unemployed mommy usually gets up. So all of those factors combined with the small human in my stomach who is leeching all my energy led to me be absolutely exhausted by the end of the day. In fact, I think I'm going to sleep as soon as I post this!! :)

At any rate, in summary, teaching today was really good, and I very much enjoyed being back at ZCHS (which, by the way, is now under the leadership of a new principal). I'm sure the next 6 weeks will be a little rough, but I think they'll be really good for us in the long run. I was told several times today that I've got it backwards--that women usually LEAVE jobs when they are pregnant, not start new ones. But this gig ends at the beginning of October, and the baby isn't due until the end of November, so we should be fine. So wish me luck over the next few weeks!!


Anonymous said...

Good luck, Amy! I'm glad you found this opportunity. Just reading your post made me tired. Get some sleep storms (hopefully!)


Melissa said...

Good luck! I had no idea all of this was going on in your life. Hang in there; I can't wait to read about all your teaching adventures.

Anonymous said...

Hey you. Just had our first full day of school today. AHHHHHH! I cannot imagine being in school with a toddler at home and a new one on the way. You're my hero! :)

On another note, I don't know anything about Chai Vay. Sarah LaFont might know, but I only have a snail mail address for her, and I'm not even sure it's right..... long story. Maybe check with Chai Funn (her older sister). I'm pretty sure she works for Caterpillar in Peoria, but once again, I'm not sure. I'm sorry I'm no help.

Anyway.... i hope you're surviving the heat at school. We're on heat schedule today and tomorrow, but it's really too hot to do anything.... especially marching band.

Good luck with the teaching....make sure to watch out for those shoulder quizes and tests!! ;)


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the teaching - i'm sure it'll be great... and a sidenote, I am trying to join all you cool kids.....sooooo:


Suit & Tie Guy said...

sarah lafont. hmm. i wonder what the hell she's doing now. i haven't seen her in like 8+ years, and actually wouldn't mind talking to her.