Monday, July 30, 2007

Name That Baby

This is a post which requires comments from all of you, even those blog stalkers that often read but never comment.... Ben and I are still neverendingly debating names for this baby, so we decided to ask our friends and family for advice. So here's the question you need to answer: What should we name Baby Girl #2?

We encourage you to submit first names, first-and-middle name combos, and comments on others' suggestions. But before you hit the "comment" button, a few notes on our preferences:

1. We do not want to use any name that starts with a "B." While it can be cute, we are not going to be one of those families that names all their kids with the same first letter, as evidenced by the fact that we have our first 2 boy names ready to go and neither of them starts with a B. So let's just not start down that road. :)

2. We do not want to use any name that ends with the "in" sound, unless the name will automatically be shortened to something else. We realize this sounds picky, but of all the names we have discussed that happen to end in "n," all sound weird to us when paired with "Bryn."

3. Short first names are our preference, as the poor girl will be saddled with the "Meyaard Pfanschmidt" label and will have quite the time with that without having to contend with a long first name as well.

Also, to give you a heads-up, here are our frontrunner names at the moment:

* Madeline Brooke - This was our second-choice name for Bryn, and we still like it and hope to use it at some point. We would shorten it to Maddie. Unfortunately, we know a ton of people whose daughters already have this name, and since both Madeline and Madison are among the most popular names in the US right now, we hesitate to use it. Speaking as one who grew up with one of the most popular names of my generation, I know that it can be very complex to have multiple friends, neighbors, roommates, etc. with the same names as you! So while we like this name, we may just save it for future use when it's not quite as popular.

* Shea / Shay - This is Ben's favorite name at the moment. I have slight reservations, given my friendships with Jason and J.D. Shea in high school and college, but I really do like the name. Our biggest problem with it is that we can't come up with a middle name that would work with it.

And we are open to suggestions!! So, let the fun begin.... NAME THAT BABY!


Anonymous said...

Shay Alexandra

Anonymous said...

OK, here's my 2 cents as grandma. My first reaction to Madeline Brooke is that it can be changed to "Babbling Brooke". I hated it when I was a kid and got teased as "Helen, Helen, Watermelon" and I wasn't even chubby, let alone fat! Of course, I would NEVER do that to my grandchild but.....others! Shea/shay is not a name I've heard used before but since you knew someone with that name and they were male, is it very feminine?? Years ago, Ben was supposed to be Cassandra(shortened to Cassie) if he was a girl. I still like that. Another one that is new to me lately that I really like is Kaitryn and call her Kate or Katie for short. I know it sounds like Bryn so maybe it doesn't qualify. Hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

I like Kya.
I've always like that name, but with our last name, it would never work.
Good luck on your search.


Anonymous said...

Ok... so i accidentally deleted my last comment so hopefully i can come up with all the names again...

-the middle name Renee goes with a lot of names... except, of course- Shea. haha! i really like that name though!

... here are some other names that hopefully fit the criteria...

-Adeline (Addie)
-Rae (a good middle- or 1st name)
-Angie (haha... just kidding)

ok- thats all that i could remember. happy name searching!

Love you and miss you- when we getting together?

Love, Angie <><

Jenibug7 said...

My sister has a good friend named Shaylyn (not sure how she spells it) and they call her Shay for short. Just a little more feminine than just Shay...

amypfan said...

Sometimes it's shocking to me how many people check this blog regularly! Responses to you all....

Whoever left the first comment - I like it! And if she hated her first name, she could always go by Allie or something.

Helen - I knew some girls named Shay as well, but I wasn't as close to them as I was to those guys.... and Kaitlyn is actually one of my very favorite names, so that's very close! Never would have thought to rhyme your name with watermelon; kids can be so mean!! Babbling Brooke now has me worried though, particularly if stereotypes hold true and we end up with a constant talker of a second child.... :)

Trisha - Good name; ruined for me by teaching. :( I think it would be just fine with your last name though! And then you could call her KC, which is also cute. :)

Angie - wow with the lots of names!! Thanks a million. My dad is also partial to Mia. Can we get together sometime this week?

Jen - I suggested Shaylin or Shayla paired with the middle name Grace, but Ben shot me down. :( I like it though!

Andrea said...

I also really like Madeline (it made my list when we were looking for Hannah's name - I didn't know it was Bryn's "back-up" name!) but I agree there are a lot of "Maddies" out there right now. Obviously we don't care how popular a name is (since we went with Hannah) but I understand your hesitation.

Here are a few first name suggestions:
Lillian (Lilly)
Sophia (Sophie)
Gabrielle (Gaby - kinda like Maddie but not nearly as popular)

And a few middle name suggestions:

I knew a girl named Shay growing up but I can't remember her middle name. I like "Shay Marie" but actuall "Shay Madeline" is kinda cute too. And it goes along with Bryn's name that is 1 syllable for the first name and multiple syllables for the middle name.

Ragfield said...


Anonymous said...

maybe .....'s means's French.... it's one starts with an A... giving you two A's and two B's that way no one feels left out. :)



Then you could use Madeline as a middle name... well with most of them... probably not Meg... Meg Madeline....too close to Maid Marion from Robin Hood..... yep, uh huh. Anyway.... hope this helps.

Melissa said...

I was wondering what you would name the baby, and as I am re-reading Shannara, I wondered if you might call her Shirl :) It hadn't occurred to me that Shea/Shay was an option, but as soon as I read it on your list, I thought that's the one!! As you know, I think "femininity" is over-rated: being tough will get you a lot farther in this world than being girly. Either Shay or Shea sounds to me like a very strong name, perfect for your daughter. And I am also thinking that at some point in my life I did meet a little girl named Shea, just can't think when or where. At any rate, while it is a rare name for a girl, it is not completely unheard of. The middle name Alexandra sounds really nice with it!

Off the subject a little, but did you ever watch Sex and the City? I think the character Charlotte's ultimate baby name was "Shayla." Or something sort of similar to Shea/Shea.

I'm not sure if I knew that Ben was to be Cassandra/Cassie if he was a girl! As you know, when I was 11 years old, I decided that I wanted to have a daughter named Cassandra and call her Cassie for short. Well, as you also know, when I was 17 I decided I didn't want to have kids of my own but I still wanted to adopt an orphan from Burma and call her Cassie. Then I married Rob, whose brother has a dog named Cassie, so even if I find an un-named Burmese orphan to adopt, the name is out for good for me. The next best thing would be if you use it :)

Is this the longest comment ever? In sum, my vote would be for "Shea" closely followed by "Cassandra."

P.S. Oh, and I like "Caitlin" (or some variation of that) too, which is another name I thought might be on your list :)

Anonymous said...

kaitlyn/caitlyn... too common for a baby of ben and amy.

Crissy said...

Shea/Shay wouldn't be too bad-another middle name suggestion is Lee or Leigh, as in Shea Leigh.
I like the name Caitlyn, however that's also a very popular name right now.

Anonymous said...

Quite honestly, I don't care for the name Shay. I really like Andrea's suggestions though! Madeline is cute. I have bad associations with the name Brooke. I wouldn't worry about what's popular or not.

amypfan said...

I have just read Ben your masses of comments, and he says, "Yeah, I still just like Shea." I like many of the suggestions though!

Andrea - I didn't know you almost picked Madeline too! Grace is definitely a frontrunner for me.

Rob - Ben laughed so hard he almost fell off the couch when I read yours and says, "That is a PERFECT example of Rob humor."

Melissa - I'm with you on everything you said regarding both Shea and Caitlin. I regret to tell you, though, that I'm just not sure that I could ever name my child Cassandra, largely because for the last 17 years, every time I have heard that name, I have thought, "That's what Melissa is going to name her little girl someday." It would feel like stealing. :)

Crissy - Ben is now walking around the house saying "Shayleigh... hmm.." He apparently thinks that smooshing the names together would be good!

Anonymous people.... who are you?

Anonymous said...

oops- it's Kathy, I'm here toward the end!

Anonymous said...

OK everyone, I have enough of my first grade teacher/mother in me to let you all know that I did not make a typo spelling Kaitlyn. The name I was/am suggesting is Kaitryn. Roll it around on your tongue and give it another thought. Sleep well everyone!!


Melissa said...

Amy-- can I comment again? This is fun!

I thought of another name: Iris :)

Here are some names of some of the Nicaraguan children I've met:
Blanca Rosa
Gloria Esteban (yes, like the singer)
Dicey (I don't know how its spelled but it seems to be a really popular name here)
Belkis (like "Belle" and "Kiss")

Here are some of the names of some women I know here:
Leda (though its pronounced more like "Leela")

Other popular names:

Just some more names to consider!

Anonymous said...

Ok so (and btw, my "tagged" is coming) I really like your personal connection to the name Shea...I just hope she doesn't grow up and move to NYC 'cause it might not be so fun (as in Shea Stadium where the Mets play) though by the time she gets old enough to run off to Broadway, that stadium will probably be torn down to make way for the new, corporatized stadium called something like "iBallpark" so never mind...go with Shea.
Also though, I really like Angie's suggestions (hi Angie, nice to "meet" you)...esp. "Ava" which is a beautiful name that satisfies all requirements and will give your child the initials AMP- so cool!!!
And now for my humorous anecdote which Ben my want to run with: I had friends who just named their son "Bertram Danger Eagar." How fun would it be to have a fun-ctional middle name like "Danger"??? May I suggest little "Shea (or Ava) Enthusiasm Meyaard Pfanschmidt"? :-)

talk to ya soon,

Anonymous said...

Holy Blogging Comments Cow! lol... Um, you should win some stay at home mom blog award or something for this one. 18 comments!!!! I'm adding my two cents :) I agree that Maddie is WAAAAAAAYYYYYY too popular right now ... and trendy. And since you guys are COOL not trendy, I think that I have to say I'm a HUGE fan of Mia and/or Molly. Both not super frilly or girly, and both sweet to the core. Ok, just spent the whole day at Ikea and we are WIPED out! Miss you prego momma!!!! Love, C

Anonymous said...

Wow -lots of comments! For my 2 cents, I'd first like to lay claim on Lillian.. It's been my pick for many years. ;) And I stole Allie for my dog, haha. And while I may not have thought of Shay/Shea, I think it could grow on me. I do however like Ava also, and I think the 2 A's and 2 B's would be fun. Then you could add two C'd, and 2 D's, all the way up to 12! haha Now it's off to bed for the day :) Hope you have a good one and enjoy the many many comments! - Jill

Andrea said...
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Andrea said...

I'm not personally a fan of Shay Grace but what about Shaylyn Grace, Sheyleigh Grace, or Shayline Grace? My book of 25000 names has the following suggestions and meanings:

Shea - fairy palace
Shay, Shaye, Shayia, Shayla, Shaylee, or Shaylyn - forms of Shea
Shayna - beautiful

Oh and my book also has the name Suck Chin (Korean, unshakable rock) in case you feel you need a back-up boy name. ;)

Anonymous said...

Amy - I have to admit I'm responsible for posting Shay Alexandra - I just loved how it sounded together.

-Kelly (Yone) Trees

Andrea said...

My vote is for Shaylyn Grace. :)

Anonymous said...

I like the name Shea and how about a family name for middle name:
Shea Helen
Shea Donna

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy! I'm commenting twice, hope that's ok with you =)

I saw Melissa's comment up there that said the name Leda but pronounced more like Leela.

What about Lela? Lola?

Lela Ann Mey.. Phan...

Her initals would be LAMP!

I changed my vote. Lela or Lola.

That way when we all see her, we can sing to her. L.O.L.A. Looola..


Anonymous said...

What about Amelia like the book Amelia Bedelia. It is becoming popular

Anonymous said...

Angie's Vote... again.

1. Shea Alexandra
2. Ava Grace

Anonymous said...

A few bits of advice: the child has to live with the name her entire life, so do not get too bizzare! 2ndly: children like to find things with their name on it and if you get a very unusual name she will never have anything with her name on it.
Lastly: when giving a name with the idea you will call her something different, be sure the original name is part of the nickname or it will get too confusing for teachers and others in years to come.

Alicia said...


I did really really like Taylor...until my cousin stole it. I had a Shea last year. She was Shea Nicole. She was one of my best kids. Madison is the name of Laura's ferret. It's also the name of another of my cousins kids. Now I whenever I see my cousin I think of the ferret, and whenever I see the ferret I think of my cousin's baby. It's crazy!

We are at a similiar stand still with Parker. Suellen keeps asking for alternatives. I keep giving them to her, but she doesn't like them either. Then she accuses me of not trying to give any real options because I like Parker. I say go with Shea (that rhymes because I'm a poet (-: ).

Mike said...

Moira Anne. This was Kathleen and I's Irish choice but we decided that my faily would struggle with the Moira part. Just a suggestion though!

Anonymous said...

Ava Grace.. i love it!

ps. this is katie - i'm sorry i'm e-mailing you today -so much is going on right now! but angie said that name and i love it :)

Anonymous said...

i babysit for an Amelia and she goes by Mia. (and so does the girl in princess diaries)

<3 Angie

but i am still sticking with Shea Alexandra and Ava Grace. ")

Crissy said...

I think it's better to go with an uncommon name rather than an unusual spelling of a common name-it's very frustrating to have people misspell your name time and time again (and you can never find stuff with your name in the correct spelling).

-Cristine (not Christine)

Diane said...

I like Maddie (after Matty B!) and Shae or Shay. Here's a few others I like-
-Riley or Ryleigh
-Carly or Karli
-Addi (Addison)
-Gabi (Gabrielle)

Gma Diane

Anonymous said...

Amy, just can't resist adding to this uncontrollable list of baby name comments! Such fun ... I could write a mile long list for you because i love the naming process, but my current favorite is PEARL!! It could be a middle name -- like Iris Pearl -- then she could be little 'Iris P'!!! Seriously, keep having fun with this -- it's wonderful. Love and best wishes for a happy, healthy little one to love and cherish. hugs, Lissa's Auntie

Lisa said...

I think Shea Alexandra is lovely... I'm also a fan of the name Marina, and I personally think Marina Shea rolls nicely off the tongue, regardless of the super-long last name! :) Oh and it could be shortened to something like Rina, which is cool and different without being weird (IMO) Best of luck to you--

Lisa (Green) Hall

(That girl across the hall that one year at Butler... 98-99...)

PS- Someone suggested Zoe as a first name (amongst a list) as well as the middle name Rose. That would be my daughter's name :) It's worked out very well for us ;-)