Saturday, July 07, 2007

Congratulations! It's A...

I'm way behind in posting, largely due to the fact that we've had some internet difficulties at our house. In recent news, Bryn and I went to Peoria for a long weekend last week in order to visit my mom for her birthday. In spite of much screaming in the car on the way there, Bryn actually did pretty well, and now that we've been home for nearly a week, I have almost managed to forget my oath to never travel alone with a baby again. :)

This week has been excessively hot and has primarily been full of home improvement and organization projects. Bryn and I did manage to fit in a movie with Cathy and Christopher this Tuesday, and Wednesday saw the whole family playing cornhole at a cookout with Ryan, Kathy, and friends. We also managed to fit in an epic Risk battle with Alicia and Suellen, followed by another endless Risk game two nights later with Chris. Ben got a nice relaxing day off on the Fourth but has been kept really busy with work otherwise.

And now the news you've all been waiting for.... Last week, before the departure for Peoria, Ben, Bryn, and I went to the doctor's office for an ultrasound and my regular pregnancy check-up. The ultrasound tech asked if we wanted to know the sex of the baby, to which I replied, "We're so excited to find out, I couldn't even sleep last night!" She asked if we had a gender preference, and I said yes, but she would be making somebody happy no matter what, since Ben wanted a boy to join him in his household of women, and I wanted a girl who could wear all Bryn's hand-me-downs so we didn't have to buy everything new (the babies will be almost exactly 2 years apart). More than anything, of course, we were just rooting for the baby to be healthy.

Bryn was incredibly cute during the ultrasound. As I have mentioned, we've been working on teaching her about big-girl beds, so she knows that when there's a pillow, you're supposed to lie down and put your head on it. So when she saw Mama on the doctor's table, she figured she must be supposed to get up there too and lay her head on the little paper-covered pillow. So I scooted over and Ben lifted her up, and she laid next to me during the ultrasound and watched the whole proceeding with great interest.

First the ultrasound tech told us that the baby was in great condition and very healthy. She said that everything was exactly how it should be, which of course was great news for us. And then came the much-awaited words, "Congratulations! It's a.... girl!!" Of course I was excited, and Ben handled it very well. :) In fact, by the time he came home from work that evening, he was talking about the inevitability of him fathering a dozen girls and how he looked forward to his little horde of daughters. We have absolutely no ideas for names at all, and it looks like we'll have to put our chosen boy name back on the shelf once again. But we've got a healthy baby, and I'm about halfway there, so we're happy!


Melissa said...

This is the coolest blog entry ever!!!! The "baby picture" is great!

I thought for sure you would have a boy this time; guess I was wrong! What great news that the baby is healthy, and that its a girl. I'm sure you will come up with a girl name eventually.


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! How exciting---- for all!!!! and as Melissa says, a HEALTHY BABY is the greatest news--- Bryn will be a real little " MAMA" to her YOUNGER sister--- and being close in age, will be neat for them, too!!!!!!!! may the last half of the pregnancy go quickly for you. Just think by CHRISTMAS, SANTA will have 2 LITTLE PEOPLE to visit in your household!!!! So happy for you both, thanks for sharing.. hugs, logan's grama

Anonymous said...

good thing you and ben produce cute baby girls! :)

love you- can't wait to get together!!

-angie :)

Anonymous said...

A GIIIIIRRRRLLLLL!!!!! Yeah! You are living my dream: all girls in a house full of pink frilly dresses. So jealous! So happy! Bryn will be a SISTER!!! You will have a flock of pink cute things chasing after you ... or that you'll need to chase :) How are you feeling? I'm so excited and happy for you! WE all send our congrats ... Love, the Zionsville Exiles (c, aj and e)