Saturday, June 09, 2007

Short-Haired Girls

This has shaped up to be a really good weekend. On Thursday afternoon, my sister Kristin called me up and said that this happened to be one of her very few free weekends of the summer, and would it be okay if she came over to visit. I was very excited to get the chance to hang out with her! She arrived Friday afternoon and will be leaving tomorrow (Sunday) morning. We've had pretty much a relaxed weekend. Aside from eating what even the pregnant woman thinks is an obscene amount, our big event of the weekend has been getting our hair cut. This one is the "before" picture.

And here's the "after." I have been growing out my hair ever since I cut it very short when I was pregnant with Bryn (so a little over two years ago) in hopes of donating it to Locks of Love again. It was getting awfully long and unmanageable, especially for summer, and I was thrilled to learn this week that now Locks of Love is taking anything over 6 inches long, as opposed to their previously required 10 inches. I had 8 inches to dispose of, and Kristin was itching for a new hairstyle as well, so off we went to the salon. She at least had a picture of what she wanted; I went in saying, "Take off 8 inches and then make it cute." Thankfully, we were both quite happy with the results. Mine has a lot of cute layers in it (especially in the back), most of which you cannot see in this picture. My head feels blessedly light after removing all that hair! As I told Kristin and Ben, if I could just find some clothes that fit now, I would be feeling quite good about myself! :)


Anonymous said...

cute!! Love the new haircut, and I'm sure it'll be easier to take care of. Where did you get it cut? I haven't found a place yet! See you guys soon-


Melissa said...

Cute hairdos. This makes me miss my sister and want a haircut! I still can't believe that Kristin is a grown-up. When you and I met, she was just 2 years old!

Anonymous said...

GREAT HAIRCUT!!!!!!!!! You look "WUNDERFUL"!!!!!!!! Loved hearing about the LIttle GIRL and HER BIG GIRL BED!!!!!! She's growing up !!!!!!! She will be a HELPFUL little MOMMA to her new'brother or sister'!!!!!! Take care --- Hugs to all, luv ya, Logan's gramma