Monday, June 18, 2007

Playing Mama

Lately Bryn's fascination has been "playing mama," or in other words, being all loving and nurturing towards her toys, the dogs, etc. She enjoys carrying around her baby doll, Tiffany, wherever she goes. She only does this every few days, so it's not like Tiffany is a constant companion, but on the days when she chooses to dote on Tiffany, serious hysterics ensue if I try to separate them even for a moment. Today she insisted on taking Tiffany into the store with us, and I even caught her giving Tiffany a kiss. Here you can see Bryn "sharing" her lunch with Tiffany. She also used a wet wipe to clean off Tiffany's face when some of her lunch adhered to it. Interestingly enough, she only "fed" Tiffany the parts of her lunch that she did not want for herself. She does this with the dogs too. Smart little girl.

Aside from Tiffany the baby doll and P.D. the purple dragon (who Bryn sleeps with every night), Dagny is her favorite companion/ plaything. She absolutely adores Dag, as evidenced by the fact that she calls all dogs "dagnys" and largely ignores Tela unless Dagny is nowhere to be found. The other day, she chased Dagny around the downstairs until she wore her out enough that Dag collapsed in a corner of the kitchen. Then Bryn toddled over to the counter, got down the dish towel, and proceeded to repeatedly tuck Dagny in for bed. Dag actually put up with it for almost a full 15 minutes before heaving a deep sigh and then attempting to find somewhere less baby-accessible to sleep. :)


Anonymous said...

Time to shave that dog Amy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben 2

email me or call

Libtastic said...

she looks so much bigger than my pictures... this is me being jealous

Libtastic said...

oh and thinking that everything is just adorable :)

Melissa said...

It sounds like Bryn will be all ready to be a "mama" to her new baby brother or sister!