Friday, June 01, 2007

The Big Announcement

This is for any of you that I have not been directly in contact with recently, or for those who I have talked to and have just not managed to work this into conversation (it's harder to bring up than one might think!). Drumroll please...... The news is..... I am pregnant (again)! Baby MeyPfan #2 will be appearing sometime around November 25. Ben and I are very excited, although somewhat daunted by the amount of unpacking/organization/decoration of the new house that still needs to occur in the next 6 months (since we're thinking we'll be out of commission for a while after that!). We try to talk to her about it, but Bryn really doesn't have a clue what's coming. I guess her growing love for her baby doll is a good sign, although she seems to be a long way from grasping the concept of "sharing." I've been feeling far healthier with this pregnancy than when I was pregnant with Bryn, although the last month has definitely held some killer migraines. So that's the big announcement--we hope you're all excited too!


Anonymous said...

Definitely congrats to you all!! Any time you want/need some help with the "unpacking/organization/decoration" or childcare so you can do it, please call 1-800-NANA.

Love ya!!

Nana M.

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Melissa said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to meet the second MeyPfan child. Glad to hear you're feeling healthy.

Miss you--

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to be an auntie....AGAIN! It will be hard to produce a cuter child than Bryn, though! :-)

-Auntie Kristin

Anonymous said...

HOW VERY EXCITING!!!!!!!!! Hope the next few months are NOT full of Migraines... and that all goes well. Bryn will be quite the LITTLE mother , I'm sure!!!! This is such great news, and we're so happy for you. Hugs to you all. luv, logans' gramma--

Anonymous said...

SO excited! Let me know when/if you need help.. I'll come over and "volunteer" for unpacking/decorating anyday! hopefully you won't get in any condition like you were in with lil brynnie. that was horrible! Plus, you dont have the horrible teaching to deal with this time! Maybe that's the key factor ;) Talk to you soon! Miss you! -katieb

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