Monday, June 25, 2007

3 Years

Hard to believe, but Ben and I will be celebrating our three-year anniversary tomorrow. Last year, we had our first family portrait taken to celebrate our anniversary, so we decided to do it again this year. You can check out the results below. Ben looks exactly the same in the two pictures. My hair is shorter; Bryn's is longer. The other significant difference is that it was FAR harder to get Bryn to smile this time--we had to put up with quite the tantrum before the photographer managed to peek-a-boo his way to a half-grin!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Playing Mama

Lately Bryn's fascination has been "playing mama," or in other words, being all loving and nurturing towards her toys, the dogs, etc. She enjoys carrying around her baby doll, Tiffany, wherever she goes. She only does this every few days, so it's not like Tiffany is a constant companion, but on the days when she chooses to dote on Tiffany, serious hysterics ensue if I try to separate them even for a moment. Today she insisted on taking Tiffany into the store with us, and I even caught her giving Tiffany a kiss. Here you can see Bryn "sharing" her lunch with Tiffany. She also used a wet wipe to clean off Tiffany's face when some of her lunch adhered to it. Interestingly enough, she only "fed" Tiffany the parts of her lunch that she did not want for herself. She does this with the dogs too. Smart little girl.

Aside from Tiffany the baby doll and P.D. the purple dragon (who Bryn sleeps with every night), Dagny is her favorite companion/ plaything. She absolutely adores Dag, as evidenced by the fact that she calls all dogs "dagnys" and largely ignores Tela unless Dagny is nowhere to be found. The other day, she chased Dagny around the downstairs until she wore her out enough that Dag collapsed in a corner of the kitchen. Then Bryn toddled over to the counter, got down the dish towel, and proceeded to repeatedly tuck Dagny in for bed. Dag actually put up with it for almost a full 15 minutes before heaving a deep sigh and then attempting to find somewhere less baby-accessible to sleep. :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Under the Covers

Ever since she was really little, Bryn has enjoyed playing on Mama and Daddy's big bed, which was especially a good thing in our old house, where the giant bed took up the entire tiny master bedroom. Anyway, now that she's getting bigger, one of her favorite activities is "family cuddle time," where she gets to sit on the big bed with us and read books or climb all over Daddy. She has even started attempting to get up onto the bed by herself, which is pretty much impossible, since the bed is taller than her. About two weeks ago, I taught her to "lay her head on the pillow like a big girl," and since then, she has delighted in laying her head down on the pillow and then patting the spot next to her to ask me to lay down too. Last week, Ben taught her about getting under the covers, which she thinks is fabulous, both for playing hide-and-seek and for feeling like a big girl. Now she pulls the blanket off the couch every time we play in the living room and insists that I cover up her legs with it like I would if she were in bed. Pretty funny! All of these things indicated to us that it might be time to start the process of moving her to a "big girl bed."

Our wonderful neighbor Jennie gave us her daughter Kylee's old toddler bed, and Ben and I put it together this weekend while Kristin played with Bryn. She got so excited when she realized what we were doing that she climbed into it as soon as we put the mattress on the frame, and we had to pull her off again in order to get the sheets on it. She climbed right back on as soon as we got on the bottom sheet, and we ended up having to put on the top sheet and the comforter while she was in it! Then last night I did some intense furniture moving--I rearranged all the furniture in the nursery (including moving some of it out to make more space) and then moved the toddler bed in there. So Bryn is still sleeping in her crib, but the toddler bed is in there so she can get used to the idea of it, and we'll change her over to sleeping in that in a week or so. Bryn absolutely LOVES the "big bed." She wanted to get in it and play as soon as I took her out of her crib this morning, and every time we went upstairs today, she went straight into her room and climbed up on the bed, where she sat quite happily "reading" books. She's becoming quite the big girl!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Short-Haired Girls

This has shaped up to be a really good weekend. On Thursday afternoon, my sister Kristin called me up and said that this happened to be one of her very few free weekends of the summer, and would it be okay if she came over to visit. I was very excited to get the chance to hang out with her! She arrived Friday afternoon and will be leaving tomorrow (Sunday) morning. We've had pretty much a relaxed weekend. Aside from eating what even the pregnant woman thinks is an obscene amount, our big event of the weekend has been getting our hair cut. This one is the "before" picture.

And here's the "after." I have been growing out my hair ever since I cut it very short when I was pregnant with Bryn (so a little over two years ago) in hopes of donating it to Locks of Love again. It was getting awfully long and unmanageable, especially for summer, and I was thrilled to learn this week that now Locks of Love is taking anything over 6 inches long, as opposed to their previously required 10 inches. I had 8 inches to dispose of, and Kristin was itching for a new hairstyle as well, so off we went to the salon. She at least had a picture of what she wanted; I went in saying, "Take off 8 inches and then make it cute." Thankfully, we were both quite happy with the results. Mine has a lot of cute layers in it (especially in the back), most of which you cannot see in this picture. My head feels blessedly light after removing all that hair! As I told Kristin and Ben, if I could just find some clothes that fit now, I would be feeling quite good about myself! :)

Friday, June 01, 2007

The Big Announcement

This is for any of you that I have not been directly in contact with recently, or for those who I have talked to and have just not managed to work this into conversation (it's harder to bring up than one might think!). Drumroll please...... The news is..... I am pregnant (again)! Baby MeyPfan #2 will be appearing sometime around November 25. Ben and I are very excited, although somewhat daunted by the amount of unpacking/organization/decoration of the new house that still needs to occur in the next 6 months (since we're thinking we'll be out of commission for a while after that!). We try to talk to her about it, but Bryn really doesn't have a clue what's coming. I guess her growing love for her baby doll is a good sign, although she seems to be a long way from grasping the concept of "sharing." I've been feeling far healthier with this pregnancy than when I was pregnant with Bryn, although the last month has definitely held some killer migraines. So that's the big announcement--we hope you're all excited too!