Friday, May 11, 2007

Take the Duck and Run

It seems that Bryn just really likes to be wet. We went to the Children's Museum with my friend Andrea and her daughter Hannah the other day. Bryn seems to have entered the Terrible Twos about 6 months too early and now frequently engages in full-out tantrums, lying on the floor and screaming. This especially happens when her mean mommy denies her the toys (or food) that she currently desires. So since we were going out in public, I was extremely hopeful that we could avoid a tantrum. We were relatively lucky. After rejecting basically every toy in the Playscape area (except for a vacuum popper, which she liked so much that she tried to escape the exhibit while pushing it), she settled in happily at the water area. Luckily they had smocks that the kids could wear to keep themselves from getting soaking wet. She didn't even really need toys to keep her busy, although there were plenty to go around--she was just happy splashing.

One of the featured toys in the water exhibit was a gigantic duck which was actually far too big to float down the waterways successfully. Bryn thought it was about the coolest thing she had ever seen. After splashing to her heart's content, she engaged in an epic struggle to free the duck from the constricting waterways. All I have to say is, it's a good thing she had on a smock. When she finally managed to get the duck loose, she stood there clutching it and grinning, so incredibly proud of herself. Then she looked around at all the other toddlers, turned, and made a beeline for the door of the exhibit. You could practically hear her thinking, "No one else is going to get their hands on MY duck." To quote Andrea, "Go ahead, Bryn. You take that duck and run."

Another of Bryn's recent hobbies is feeding herself with a spoon. She's actually getting pretty decent at it, meaning that I can now clean up the resulting mess with a collection of wet wipes rather than by simply throwing her in the bathtub. She is fully aware of the correct way to feed herself, but she has also developed several unique methods to spice up mealtime. In one version, she eats off the wrong end of the spoon, in what we believe is an effort to savor her food and make it last. The opposite of this is the "I'm starving" method, in which she imitates the dogs by eating directly out of the bowl. Here you can see her impatience to consume all the yogurty goodness of her breakfast yesterday morning. She actually holds the bowl up to her mouth and slurps it in like she's drinking from a cup. This typically results in some very sticky hair, and she then cries hysterically when I try to clean it off or comb it out. Ah well, at least she likes to eat.


Anonymous said...

So cute. I bet Bryn would love it if you set up the sprinkler in the yard!


Libtastic said...

duck-bryn is my favorite picture... EVER! :)