Friday, May 18, 2007

One Set Up

Several months ago, we started on construction of a set of multicolored shelves for the upstairs playroom. Ben and his dad constructed each shelf in the basement, and his mom, sister, and I started the painting. Then we basically got sidetracked by life, and they remained partially painted for quite some time. Recently, though, we have renewed our determination to actually finish some household projects. Two nights ago, we spent the evening constructing the actual bookshelf. Here you can see Bryn being a "big helper" as the assembly occurs.

And here are Ben and Bryn, showing off the finished product. The shelves are made of lumber and are very, very heavy. They definitely won't be going anywhere, even if Bryn attempts to climb on them.... as she did only minutes after they were built. We still have a second set to make to put on the other end of the futon upstairs. The second set is about half painted, so we're hoping to have it done and assembled within the week. Then we'll actually be able to say that we've finished a project! And, more importantly, we will have a place to store Bryn's overwhelming array of toys.

Here's the finished product. We painted the crates to match. Not bad, if I do say so myself!


Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!!!! I AM REALLY IMPRESSED with the CONSTRUCTION PROJECT you and Ben have been working on!!!!!!! How CREATIVE and COLORFUL!!!!!! DID I HEAR YOU MENTION THAT BEN WOULD LIKE TO VENTURE INTO THE BUSINESS OF BUILDING ???- You and BRYN could do the PAINTING!!!!! she is a DOLLY!!!!!! Becoming quite a little lady!!!!!!! Love reading and sharing in your life thru your blog!!! As you have time, keep it up. luv and hugs, mom R

Anonymous said...

those are SO, SO cute!!! have you talked to Kara about our date tues or wed??

angie <><

Anonymous said...

Looks great guys!! I love the bright colors-


Melissa said...

Cool shelves!

Anonymous said...

Great to see the completed project :) And it looks like Bryn will be quite the little climber... haha But with shelves that look that great, how could she resist?!? :) - Jill

Anonymous said...

You've managed to accomplish what I still haven't done yet (without a kid to occupy my time), a completed home improvement project. It looks great!