Wednesday, May 23, 2007


We went garage sale-ing the other day, and we found several excellent finds, one of which was this cute little rocking chair for Bryn for 30 cents. Lately the weather has been so nice that Ben and I have been sitting outside in the evenings while Bryn plays, and she is now thrilled to have a chair to sit in as well. She doesn't stay still for very long, though, since she also has learned where we keep the bubbles!

Lately Bryn has also gotten very interested in playing with her two baby dolls, both gifts from Nana Meyaard. She likes to carry them around the house and have them sit next to her on the couch. A couple of days ago, she put this one in her Exersaucer and tried to show it how to work all the different noise and light mechanisms. Here, you can see her favorite activity with the baby doll, which is using the kitchen towel to tuck it in to bed. Nevermind that it doesn't have an official bed.... she delights in covering it up with a towel, patting it on the head, and occassionally even kissing it, then letting it "sleep" for about 30 seconds before repeating the entire process. Very cute!

Bryn has also successfully managed to learn some sign language. We tried to teach her ages ago, when she was about 7 months old. Back then, the only sign she learned was the one for "milk," which she used to mean "all forms of food and drink." She also did the motion sideways, so it pretty much just looked like she was waving. That was the end of our original sign language experiment, but since her friend Christopher has recently learned some signs, I thought I'd experiment a little bit. I showed her "more" one day during lunch when she was whining and pointing. I only showed her once, but the next day, she pointed at the cabinet where we keep the goldfish crackers and made the sign for "more." Needless to say (Mrs. Applen), she was rewarded by all the crackers she could eat! For several days she thought that "more" actually only meant "more goldfish crackers," but now she's got the hang of it. It's very cute and definitely preferable to her usual squealing and pointing method!


Melissa said...

Oh, how fun is garage-saling! Remember all those neighborhood garage sales we used to go to in Dunlap? Bryn's chair looks so cool--what a great find. It sounds like she is a busy little bee, playing with her dollies and learning sign language.

Anonymous said...

I love Bryn's chair, it's so cute! :) And I always appreciate a good bargain!!

Kathy :)

Anonymous said...

That picture of ben is so funny!

<3 angie.

Anonymous said...

THIRTY CENTS??? Where did you find that chair, the 1930's depression? I am so impressed with that hugely bargain price! And it's totally cute too! That pic of her and Ben is priceless. We totally cracked up seeing it :) That's so cute she's into babies. That will help if you guys ever decide to have more kids... she'll be a little mommy and hopefully feel like she can help versus having her throne usurped :) lol... We are so excited to see you guys! Elaina started walking :) She's crazy. She's also getting ridiculously spoiled here. Would you like some cheese with that whine?! lol... Gotta run. Love, Caroline

Anonymous said...

O' boy, that is soooo super that Bryn is learning SIGN LANGUAGE!!!! I always wanted to learn it, but never could quite get the hang of it, so maybe Bryn can teach me!!!!!!Loved hearing about her doll babies, and her expert care of them!!! What a darling age, enjoy each and every day, as they grow up sooooooo quickly, and then you're left with the 'wunderful' memories!!! but how special they are!!! Maybe as a new gramma , I should start checkin out G/S?? spose???? love your rockin chair find.. what a deal!!!!!! take care, and hugs to all.... luv ya , momR

Anonymous said...

i love the picture of ben and bryn. could it be any cuter? -katieb