Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Getting Wet

Yesterday I took Bryn to the zoo, thinking that she would delight in looking at the animals and maybe even tire herself out by toddling around. We visited her favorites, the dolphins, but there she seemed more interested in the other kids that were running around. Then I decided to take her to see the special butterfly exhibit at the gardens, and we ended up spending the rest of the afternoon there. Did she care in the least about the gorgeous butterflies that kept fluttering into her path? Nope. But she did discover this fountain at the center of the room and spend a good amount of time splashing in it. Whatever makes her happy, I guess.

Then today, I took her out into the backyard to play since it was such a pretty morning. I thought she would enjoy toddling across the grass--again, with the objective of wearing her out. I even got out the bubbles so I could blow them and she could chase them, thus increasing the wearing out. But she wanted none of it. No, she wanted to blow the bubbles herself. She spent over a half an hour dipping the bubble wand into the bottle, pulling it out, and attempting to blow bubbles herself. By the end of the morning, she had actually managed to make a few--although not by this put-the-wand-in-her-mouth method.

Our morning of fun ended, however, with this scenario, where she tired of the soapy mess on her hand and decided to stick it in her mouth to clean it. I wish I had captured some pictures of the hideous face she made after tasting excessive bubble. As Ben says, I guess we won't be able to punish her by washing her mouth out with soap later in life, because at this rate, she'll have a natural immunity to it. But given her get-wet antics of the past few days, I think both she and I will be quite glad when the neighborhood pool opens for the season!


Anonymous said...

I went to a butterfly exhibit up here this winter, and i could see how she would like the fountain... haha.. it took patience to watch butterflies. Glad you guys had a nice outing! - Jill

Anonymous said...

She's getting so big!

Miss you guys-

Kathy :)