Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New Words

Bryn has been picking up some new words lately..... or at least, cute noises that sound like new words! For Easter, her Grandma Diane gave her a bank shaped like a bunny and then gave her some change to put in it. Bryn thought this was so much fun that she spent the next several days emptying out the change and putting it back in. She has also learned to beg her daddy for any coins that might be in his pockets at the end of the day. We call it her Money Bunny, and she carried it everywhere for the first three days after she got it. Between Ben laughing and singing the theme from "The Apprentice" to her and me saying, "Where's your money bunny?" she has apparently picked up a new word--"money." Just what I always hoped would be in my daughter's first 10 words.

We also have a fun mommy-daughter game that involves me tickling her bare feet and saying "tickle tickle tickle." Now she is saying it back--"ticka ticka tick." And this morning, when she insisted on wearing a plastic necklace in the car on our way to church for Mom To Mom, I told her that she would have to leave her "jewels" in the car when we got there, and she said "jewa" back to me, just like she understood and was agreeing to obey.

We're still working on trying to get her to say "please" when she wants more food instead of just screaming and pointing. When encouraging her to do this, we usually say "more, please" while showing her the food. She hasn't mastered her manners yet, but she is now saying something that could either be "more" or "me," either of which gets the job done far better than screaming in my book.

In other news, Bryn is finally on the mend from her disgusting cough/cold. On the downside, I have managed to catch it from her and am incredibly stuffed up and icky. T-minus one week and one day to go on my grad classes for this semester, so I'm just attempting to power through the end of my work in spite of the nasty cold. Wish me luck!

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Melissa said...

Maybe Bryn is trying to say monkey instead of money!!

Sorry I've lapsed on the blogging for a while. Miss you a bunch and glad Bryn is getting over her cold. Good luck powering through the end of the semester. Take loads and loads of vitamin C and eat lots of raw fruits and vegetables-- that has gotten me through many an illness!