Thursday, April 12, 2007

Midwest Weather

It was just last week that Bryn and I were playing outside in shorts and t-shirts in 70 degrees of sunshine. The past few days have been cold and gray and basically unpleasant. Last night, we had two tornado warnings for our area, thus causing our dogs to go crazy all night with the sound of the sirens. This morning, I'm looking at snow flurries outside my window. Gotta love living in the Midwest!


Anonymous said...

No, Amy... i don't have to love this midwest weather... i HATE it!! it needs to go-away! but luckily... this nasty weather didn't stop a bunch of girls from my dorm and i to go jump into the retention pond this morning at 12:30am. i thought you would like to hear about my little bit of adventursome-ness. yes, i did just make up that word. LOVE YOU!

-angie <><

Oh Libby said...

i'm gonna have to 2nd that statement - i don't have to love it. But I do awkwardly miss it - ok, so that's a lie - i just miss the people in it.

like you and your fam...

ok, i'm sad now... maybe i should go to sleep!