Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New Words

Bryn has been picking up some new words lately..... or at least, cute noises that sound like new words! For Easter, her Grandma Diane gave her a bank shaped like a bunny and then gave her some change to put in it. Bryn thought this was so much fun that she spent the next several days emptying out the change and putting it back in. She has also learned to beg her daddy for any coins that might be in his pockets at the end of the day. We call it her Money Bunny, and she carried it everywhere for the first three days after she got it. Between Ben laughing and singing the theme from "The Apprentice" to her and me saying, "Where's your money bunny?" she has apparently picked up a new word--"money." Just what I always hoped would be in my daughter's first 10 words.

We also have a fun mommy-daughter game that involves me tickling her bare feet and saying "tickle tickle tickle." Now she is saying it back--"ticka ticka tick." And this morning, when she insisted on wearing a plastic necklace in the car on our way to church for Mom To Mom, I told her that she would have to leave her "jewels" in the car when we got there, and she said "jewa" back to me, just like she understood and was agreeing to obey.

We're still working on trying to get her to say "please" when she wants more food instead of just screaming and pointing. When encouraging her to do this, we usually say "more, please" while showing her the food. She hasn't mastered her manners yet, but she is now saying something that could either be "more" or "me," either of which gets the job done far better than screaming in my book.

In other news, Bryn is finally on the mend from her disgusting cough/cold. On the downside, I have managed to catch it from her and am incredibly stuffed up and icky. T-minus one week and one day to go on my grad classes for this semester, so I'm just attempting to power through the end of my work in spite of the nasty cold. Wish me luck!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Midwest Weather

It was just last week that Bryn and I were playing outside in shorts and t-shirts in 70 degrees of sunshine. The past few days have been cold and gray and basically unpleasant. Last night, we had two tornado warnings for our area, thus causing our dogs to go crazy all night with the sound of the sirens. This morning, I'm looking at snow flurries outside my window. Gotta love living in the Midwest!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Eggs

We had an excellent Easter trip to Peoria, although it was, as I had feared, a bit lacking in the sleep department. Friday night into Saturday morning was marked by Bryn waking repeatedly and eventually being lulled back to sleep by much cuddling and rocking, and, in more desperate moments, TV and a car ride. We spent Saturday with Dad, Diane, Kristin, and Lindsay. Bryn showed off her new walking skills and was fawned over by her adoring public. We attended a really neat service at Dad's church and then ate some delicious Agatucci's pizza for dinner. Saturday also featured a reunion lunch of Avanti's goodness with many of my high school friends. Corey and his wife Liz brought their three-year-and-one-day old, Lainey, who delighted in playing with Bryn, and more specifically, telling Bryn what to play with. Jarrod and his wife Trisha brought their 15-month old son Jay, who is bigger than Bryn and quite adorable. We got to see Ashley and her husband Steve for the first time in ages, which was wonderful. We also got to meet Maria's boyfriend Jason, who everyone approved of. :) Derek was also in attendance, and he assisted us in regaling the group with tales of our new homes.

Bryn woke for a short stint in the middle of Saturday night/Sunday morning and then got up for good at 6:00, wide awake and ready to party. When the rest of the household eventually woke up, she had her first Easter egg hunt. This means that we spread eggs across the floor of Mom's family room and let her "sort" them into her basket. Well, that was the plan, but she somehow managed to open the first egg before putting it in the basket, and once she discovered that we had filled them with apple-strawberry Gerber Puffs, she stood there and ate the contents of the first egg while ignoring the rest. After that, she picked up the eggs one at a time and brought them to me to be opened and consumed. Good thing we went with puffs instead of chocolate this year! After the "hunt," we all sat down to gorge ourselves on an expansive brunch. The meal ended abruptly, however, when Bryn fell asleep upright in her booster seat, clutching a piece of toast. We took the opportunity to toss her in the car and drive to the nursing home, where we visited my grandpa Parky. Ben and I assumed that she would sleep for the entire ride back to Indianapolis, especially since the car typically functions as her "time machine." In spite of the fact that she has NEVER remained awake in the car for a ride over 20 minutes before, she somehow stayed conscious for the ENTIRE four hour ride home. Let it be said that we all slept quite deeply on Sunday night and are still recovering from our fun, yet rather sleepless, weekend.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Easter

Ben has been working crazy hours this week, such as getting home at 2:00 in the morning on Wednesday night/Thursday morning and then getting up a mere 4 hours later to go back to work. I have been tackling some home improvement projects, including organizing our basement. Sometimes I feel like we have as much junk in our basement right now as we used to have in our entire old house, yet we haven't gotten anything new. Bryn has been walking all over the place and having a few eating adventures, such as the big-girl peanut butter and jelly sandwich she ate for lunch yesterday. Meanwhile, we've all been attempting to stay warm in the recent 40-degree temperature plunge. This weekend we're headed to Peoria for Easter with my families, as well as some good catch-up time with high school friends. Hopefully Bryn will handle this trip better than our last journey to Peoria, where she flatly refused to sleep at night for the duration of our time there. I hope everyone has a happy Easter!