Thursday, March 01, 2007

Screen Time

After spending most of last night and all day today laboring over a paper for one of my grad classes, I am FINALLY done. 14 pages of education analysis, baby. Upon finishing the paper, I stretched, took a nice deep breath, and thought, "I am SO tired of sitting in front of this computer. I need to relax.... I think I'll check my email!" All of which led me to contemplate just how much time I spend in front of the computer. And let's face it--I'm a stay at home mom. When I was teaching, I was in front of my computer far longer, and I know that Ben spends the vast majority of his day working in Microsoft Excel. Even Bryn has developed a fascination with the computer. Just the other day, she climbed over the arm of the couch in order to reach the forbidden laptop. Today when I was writing my paper, she constantly kept putting her little hands on the keyboard next to mine, and at one point she retaliated against my lack of playing by pressing the power button and shutting down my work. Similarly, every parenting magazine that I read specifies that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends less than 2 hours of screen time (meaning TV or computer) every day for children over the age of 2, and absolutely none for children under 2. I am obviously a complete failure as a parent, as Bryn watches a video almost every day while I am in the shower. But really, if people actually followed that rule, Baby Einstein would not be taking over the parenting nation, am I right? At any rate, I'm off to my class--sadly, this post is probably the most intellectual stimulation I will receive all night.

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