Monday, March 19, 2007

Nope, She's Just Gross

Well, I took Bryn to see Dr. Z. this morning. And the analysis is.... she does NOT have an ear infection. In fact, there's nothing (new) wrong with her at all. She's still just recoving from the nasty bacterial thing that caused all the violent pooping last week. Apparently her digestive system got a little confused by all that. So, "just give her a few days and she'll be feeling better." Now, we really like Dr. Z, but sometimes this is why I hesitate to go to the doctor, because "she's fine." Apparently she's just a huge fusspot. So disregard my previous entry; it seems that I'm just so lovable that there is no other reason why she wants to cling to me all day long. Or at least no reason that Tylenol won't fix!


Crissy said...

Actually, it's better to take Bryn to the doctor when it's not necessary than wait too long when it actually is. Also, I know that there's been a lot of new literature on ear infections in small children in recent years, and many pediatricians nowadays are very hesitant to treat ear infections with anything but a little TLC (meaning antibiotics are not needed in most cases). Hope Bryn is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

I don't think you overreacted at all, I'd do the same thing, that's why the doctors are there, and why we pay them the big bucks to be on call all the time. Better to catch it early than later. Thank goodness it's not an ear infection. Don't you feel better knowing it's just a bumpy recovery than something worse?! Also, NOBODY knows your baby like you do, and if you say it's an unreasonable amount of fuss, then it is, no matter what any doctor says. -Cathy

Melissa said...

You ARE lovable, don't you remember how I cried and clung to you when you went off to college??

Glad Bryn doesn't have an ear infection; hopefully a few extra days of TLC will have her back to normal!