Saturday, March 03, 2007

Bling Bling Baby

Bryn's newest hobby is playing "dress up." I came back from the Awakening with an excessive amount of plastic bead necklaces, which Bryn now delights in putting on and taking off. We call them her "jewels." She also delights in the shiny princess crowns that I brought home from the Awakening. I would imagine that everyone who heard me swear that my daughter wouldn't be turn out all girly is laughing at this picture of her in a pink shirt and excessive jewelry. What can I say? She's just too cute.


Melissa said...

I did hear you swear that Bryn would not turn out to be a Pink Princess, but if that is what she wants, then I guess there is no stopping her! Her jewels are lovely!

Anonymous said...


Oh Libby said...

dang she's adorable!