Thursday, March 29, 2007

Fun and Games

Maybe it's all the time she's spent watching the adults enjoy Game Night, but Bryn has developed quite an interest in board games. Whenever Ben and I play games, she stands at our legs and cries until we hand her some cards so she can feel like she's playing. The other night, I picked her up on my lap when we finished playing Ticket to Ride, and she was so enthusiastic about the trains that she climbed on top of the table and started laying them on the tracks herself. Now she just needs to get a little older, and Ben will finally have someone to game with....

Given the gorgeous weather earlier this week, Bryn and I took a trip to a local park with Cathy and Christopher. Bryn is so proud of the fact that she can walk now that she toddled all over the park and refused to hold my hand for help on the hills. She still falls pretty often, but it doesn't seem to bother her at all--she just hops right back up and keeps going! In spite of her pink shirt and white jewel-studded sandals, I finally saw a little bit of my tomboy emerge, when she crawled into the mulch and started sorting it, relishing in getting dirty. Of course Bryn was immediately attracted to the slide at the park, since it's so much bigger than the one on her playhouse. Good thing there were two mommies there with her--one at the top of the slide and one at the bottom! She also loved the motorcycle rocker on the playground, and my little daredevil even wanted to ride without holding on. However, she screamed bloody murder when I tried to put her in one of the bucket swings, and she looked at Christopher like he was crazy when he enjoyed it. You could just tell that she was thinking, "Are you INSANE? I'll ride handless on a Harley, but there's no way I'm getting near that death trap!" We concluded the trip to the park by a long walk through shady trees and pretty streams. Now it's gray and chilly out again, but I have definitely be struck by spring fever!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Catching Up on Cuteness

Now that Bryn is fully recovered from her long ickiness, I finally have a minute to sit down and catch up on the blog. In spite of the illness, there have been many cute instances over the past couple of weeks and even several milestones. So here's my last two weeks in review:

Before Bryn got sick, we made a trip to the Children's Museum with Andrea and Hannah. Bryn wanted to grab and play with everything she came in contact with, including the magnifying glasses in the dinosaur exhibit. Maybe she's sat through one too many episodes of "Friends" with us, but it appears that she wants to be a paleontologist. Or maybe she just likes magnifying her own face. When Ben saw this picture, he managed to choke out between his laughs, "You HAVE to blog this."

This one is a "milestone" shot. Inspired by her friend Christopher's success at feeding himself mashed vegetables straight out of the jar, Bryn has mastered the use of the spoon. Okay, so "mastered" is a rather blatant exaggeration. Basically she sticks the spoon the yogurt, mashes it up and down a few times, and then does this incredibly awkward rotating of her arm to stick the spoon in her mouth (only occassionally with the yogurt facing upwards). This usually results in a sticky mess, but I'm still proud of her for feeding herself. Oh, and we also owe Christopher thanks for getting Bryn intrigued with "green things," as she is now willing to eat broccoli--no other vegetable, just that. Weird.

This one shows our little maestro playing with her newest "toy." We actually had two electric keyboards in our basement, as Ben and I each acquired one somewhere along the way, and Bryn seemed so intrigued by music-making toys that we thought we should give it a try. So my very handy husband got out his power tools and drilled another hole in the brace to enable us to set it up low enough for the baby. Then the brace was too wide for the piano, so he sawed down a piece of plywood to put between the brace and the piano and zip-tied it on so Bryn would not be able to move it. She quickly figured out how to bang on the keys and make music. She also learned how to adjust the volume, which is unfortunate, as she apparently likes to hear herself play very loud.

And... drumroll please.... Bryn has learned to walk!! Ben was quite upset to miss her first steps, especially when he discovered that our friend Cathy, her son Christopher, our friend Holly, and her sons Aiden and Caleb, had all witnessed the momentous event. However, she only went about three steps that first time before I screamed in excitement and scared her enough that she fell over. Later that same day, she came down with her bacterial crud, so there was no more walking for quite a while. This picture shows two nights ago, when Ben and I spent a good portion of the evening playing "ping pong" with the baby, teaching her to walk by sending her back and forth between us. Yesterday she really got the hang of it and toddled all around the house by herself. She is immensely proud of herself, and it seems that crawling will soon be a thing of the past.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Nope, She's Just Gross

Well, I took Bryn to see Dr. Z. this morning. And the analysis is.... she does NOT have an ear infection. In fact, there's nothing (new) wrong with her at all. She's still just recoving from the nasty bacterial thing that caused all the violent pooping last week. Apparently her digestive system got a little confused by all that. So, "just give her a few days and she'll be feeling better." Now, we really like Dr. Z, but sometimes this is why I hesitate to go to the doctor, because "she's fine." Apparently she's just a huge fusspot. So disregard my previous entry; it seems that I'm just so lovable that there is no other reason why she wants to cling to me all day long. Or at least no reason that Tylenol won't fix!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

It Might Be the Ears

Just a quick note to let you all know that the MeyPfans are, in fact, still out there. My incredible lack of posts lately has been due to the fact that Bryn has been sick, in a variety of fashions, since last Friday.... meaning the last 9 days. She started by throwing up on Friday evening. Then she was just cranky all day Saturday. Then she started have intense, and incredibly repulsive, diarrhea on Sunday. This continued through Monday. On Tuesday, she woke up screaming at 4:45 and continued to scream for 5 hours straight. On Wednesday, she was perfectly happy, and I thought she was cured, aside from the fact that she refused to eat anything. On Thursday, though, we resumed the intense screaming, and the hunger strike continued. On Friday, we continued with fussiness, constantly wanting to be held, and refusing food. Saturday was more of the same. While we were at our neighbors' house for dinner last night, Jen said, "You know, the only times Elias has ever been truly inconsolable have been when he's had ear infections." Ben asked, "How do you know if they have an ear infection?" Thinking that I was all smart, I replied, "Well, you can tell because they pull on their ears." Jen said, "Not necessarily....." This morning, when I went in to get Bryn up, I found her crying pitifully and tugging on her ear for dear life. This led me to look up symptoms of ear infections online. I learned that signs of ear infections can be a runny nose, diarrhea, waking frequently in the night, intense fussiness, and refusal to eat. Check and check. So Bryn is currently dosed up on some Tylenol, Ben and I feel like terrible parents for not realizing what was wrong with her sooner, and I will be taking her to the doctor tomorrow.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Bling Bling Baby

Bryn's newest hobby is playing "dress up." I came back from the Awakening with an excessive amount of plastic bead necklaces, which Bryn now delights in putting on and taking off. We call them her "jewels." She also delights in the shiny princess crowns that I brought home from the Awakening. I would imagine that everyone who heard me swear that my daughter wouldn't be turn out all girly is laughing at this picture of her in a pink shirt and excessive jewelry. What can I say? She's just too cute.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Screen Time

After spending most of last night and all day today laboring over a paper for one of my grad classes, I am FINALLY done. 14 pages of education analysis, baby. Upon finishing the paper, I stretched, took a nice deep breath, and thought, "I am SO tired of sitting in front of this computer. I need to relax.... I think I'll check my email!" All of which led me to contemplate just how much time I spend in front of the computer. And let's face it--I'm a stay at home mom. When I was teaching, I was in front of my computer far longer, and I know that Ben spends the vast majority of his day working in Microsoft Excel. Even Bryn has developed a fascination with the computer. Just the other day, she climbed over the arm of the couch in order to reach the forbidden laptop. Today when I was writing my paper, she constantly kept putting her little hands on the keyboard next to mine, and at one point she retaliated against my lack of playing by pressing the power button and shutting down my work. Similarly, every parenting magazine that I read specifies that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends less than 2 hours of screen time (meaning TV or computer) every day for children over the age of 2, and absolutely none for children under 2. I am obviously a complete failure as a parent, as Bryn watches a video almost every day while I am in the shower. But really, if people actually followed that rule, Baby Einstein would not be taking over the parenting nation, am I right? At any rate, I'm off to my class--sadly, this post is probably the most intellectual stimulation I will receive all night.