Thursday, February 15, 2007

Snowed In

As all of you located in the Midwest know, the past few days have been nothing but snow. It started on Monday night--although it held off long enough that I still had to go to class! By Tuesday morning, Ben had to dig himself out of the driveway, and the roads were bad enough that he felt the need to take the Jeep with its 4-wheel drive to work, thus stranding Brynie and me at home, since Iris the Honda Insight has no backseat and thus cannot have a carseat. But never fear, Ben was back home about three hours later, since so few people had showed up for work that those who were there got sent home. Nice. His company was a little more efficient on Wednesday, when he received a call from his boss at 6:00 a.m. telling him that work was cancelled and he should just stay home. "Best Valentine's Day ever!!" he exclaimed, right before falling back asleep for about four hours.

As of right now, I have not left the house in 60 hours. Yesterday the roads were so bad that most counties issued emergency weather conditions, meaning that no one was allowed to be out driving on the roads unless it was an absolute emergency. To keep from going completely stir crazy, we had two sets of neighbors over to visit yesterday, and I baked some Valentine's cookies to keep myself busy. Beyond that, we watched a lot of DVDs, worked on craft projects, read, and tried to neutralize the fussy Bryn. Ben is at work today, although he said it took him a long time to get there, and I hope to be brave enough to venture out to the grocery store at some point, as we are running dangerously low on Bryn-friendly foods.

This picture should give you an idea of the amount of snow we got. It was 18 inches and deeper in some places. As you can see, our neighbor across the street was extremely vigilant about shoveling his driveway.... he was out there about every half hour for the entire ordeal, exclaiming that winter is his favorite season and that he LOVES to shovel. As I said, Ben dug us out on Monday morning, so everything you see here accumulated after that. I realize you can't tell from the picture, but you are looking straight at our driveway. Ben had some very sore muscles after freeing us from this mess!

This picture is so funny to us that I just had to post it, although I realize that it would be funnier to all of you if I had a "before" shot as well. Look at the two pieces of wood sticking out of the snowdrift. Those are the full-length broomstick arms of a human-sized snowman that was sitting on top of our neighbors' picnic table. We think it looks like the snowman is drowning. As you can tell, the snow was pretty deep! Melissa, Rob, aren't you glad you're not here??


Anonymous said...

Hi,all, I've been thinking about you, and hoping you were surviving the LONG WINTER!!!!!!!! Heard all the scary news reports of INDY.. and hoped it did NOT include you???? *SIGH* but juding from your photos, apparently , the BIG BLIZZARD hit you hard,too!!!!!!!! I am SOOOOOOOO done with COLD, SNOW , WIND// should I go on???? and Melissa keeps telling me how UNBEARABLY HOT THEY ARE????????? let's tip this world over a bit, and spill some HOT our way, huh/ Do take care, and try to stay safe, and warm,, hugs to BRYN,, luv you," auntie M's" momma

Melissa said...

To tell you the truth, this actually looks appealing to me now. By 2pm in the forest yesterday, my bottle of water was so hot you could have boiled tea in it. I am told that this cloudless, tropical summer will persist until mid-May when at least the rains will come and cool everything down a bit. I am virtually sending some sun your way, and I will think of your snowman who got buried in snow while I'm boiling in the jungle tomorrow.

Andrea said...

Haha I love it! When all was said and done, we also had about 18 inches, although our snow looks like it was drifting a lot more than yours. We did not shovel out the driveway because the ice that was about half way down our snow made it very difficult. Instead, we (over-) paid someone else to do it! ;)

Maria said...

I love this picture, Amy! We got some bad weather in Chicago, but nothing like this. Of course, the stormy winter weather over the past two weeks almost left me stranded in Boston and D.C. on work trips in the past two weeks. I may not venture far from home until spring appears.....Good luck with the rest of the winter!