Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Doing Our Homework

Ever since returning from the Awakening, I have been deeply immersed in The World We Created at Hamilton High, a 250+ page book which I need to read and write a critical analysis (my last one was 13 pages) of by tomorrow night at 6:00. The book was actually really interesting for about the first 100 pages when it was talking about how life at the school developed over the years, but now we're into the theoretical stuff, so it's going much slower. Anyway, lately Bryn's favorite passtime has been do to whatever Mama is doing, so she has spent many hours by my side on the couch with highlighter and textbook in hand. Here she is seen perusing Bowling Alone, which is the last text I had to read for this class. At this rate, she'll be ready to earn her own master's degree before she starts preschool!!


Anonymous said...

What a cute picture - she's definately concentrating! :) Also love the pictures of the "kitchen crew" themes.


Melissa said...

With her education started this early, I see a Nobel Prize in her future for sure!