Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Toothy Maw

Bryn has spent the past three days grabbing at her face and crying all day on and off. I was pretty much at my wit's end with her, especially when I had to leave my moms' group early yesterday because she wouldn't stop crying. Upon arriving home, I decided to feel around inside her mouth. Her gums looked a little swollen to me, and even though she had never been this hysterical about teething before, I couldn't figure out what else it could possibly be. Much to my surprise, I discovered not just one tooth breaking through on top, but FOUR. That has got to hurt. All of them are partway through the gumline already. So I slathered her up with Orajel and then dug through her toybox for every teething toy I could find and then put them all in the refrigerator. The Orajel apparently brought on some blessed relief for her, and she napped for THREE HOURS straight, which is an unheard of feat for her. Today, though, she has woken up from her nap after a mere 30 minutes, so I think that was just a fluke. She's getting to be quite the big girl with all her teeth though!!


Anonymous said...

Poor BRYN,, her little mouth must hurt soooo much... wonder if an ICE CREAM CONE would 'soothe 'the pain??? Hopefully they 'will' soon quit hurting. and life will be on another 'path' :) Hugs to all, and the winnie poo outfit , right down to the hat ,you sent Michelle was so darling and that's what he wore home from the hospital. NEATO... take care, and give bryn and ben a hug from us....luv you and it's Logan Brady--7lbs 3oz/ 20 1/2 inches

Melissa said...

Well, when it rains it pours! I guess Bryn has decided to get this teething thing over in one fell swoop.

Oh, and I think that is my mom who posted above. How nice of you to send my sister something for the baby--its more than I've done. Guess I will be the crazy monkey lady to my nephew afterall. Maybe my internet connection will hold out enough for me to order something online. If not, I will have to make up for it when I am back in the US again. At any rate, did you know that Michelle was doing his room all in Winnie the Pooh stuff?? The outfit you sent was perfectly in line with the Pooh theme!

Anonymous said...

looking forward to the next photo contest!!!

kathy :)

Anonymous said...

Come on Amy... it's about time for another post! :) not like you are busy with Mr. Z stuff!! :)