Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Family Photo Contest

This week Ben has appealled to my overblown sense of competition and has challenged me to a contest of "who can take the cutest picture of Bryn." So all of you should post comment and let us know who you think the winner is, since Ben and I are not exactly very impartial judges. :) Here's my first entry, entitled "So Close to Walking." Bryn has finally gotten the hang of playing with the fun car that her Aunt Jill gave her for her birthday. She doesn't actually stand up on it yet on her own, but once I prop her up on it, she goes to town and is very proud of herself. She was also deeply embarrassed on Sunday night when 12-month-old baby Christopher came over with his parents for games and showed off his newly acquired walking skills.

This is another entry by me, entitled "Emptying the Dishwasher." Bryn thinks it's big fun to "help" me with daily tasks. I should mention, in my own defense, that all even somewhat sharp objects are removed before I allow her to do this. :) However, she did come out of the washer soaking wet, as our wash cycle has a tendancy to leave little puddles of wetness behind.

Another entry by me, entitled "Smile for the Camera." Bryn definitely knows what a camera is, and lately, every time we get close to her with one, she stops what she's doing and makes this huge cheesy grin. I have no idea where she got the notion that this is the appropriate "photo face," but it sure is cute. The only downside is that it is now far harder to catch her in cute spontaneous poses to capture what she's actually doing, since seeing the camera now brings out her inner model.

Speaking of Bryn's inner model, this photo by Ben captures it quite well. One night she was helping him in the kitchen and felt the need to play with the dishtowel, which he says she shimmied back and forth across her little diapered butt. There were many good pictures of this, but this one is his favorite, since she also struck a model pose with her hand behind her head. He says he thinks she's channelling Marilyn Monroe.

And here's another entry by Ben, entitled "Breakfast For the Dogs." Here she is sorting my breakfast bars into the dogs' food and water dishes. I was less than thrilled to discover this passtime when I returned from work that night. However, pictures of babies in diapers are always a crowd-pleaser.

So vote for your favorite in the comments section. :)

Meanwhile, this has been a busy week for me. On Sunday I started up with regular team meetings for the Awakening, a teen retreat at our old church that I'm serving on the team for. I did it two years ago and had a great experience, plus it's wonderful to get back there and see some of my favorite kids again. The Awakening meetings cause me to be late for our own Game Night, but Ben held down the appetizer fort quite admirably. On Monday, I started my first grad class toward my master's. As I told Ben on my way home from class, I have no idea why I thought it was a good idea to get my master's in Urban Education, except for the fact that this is the only secondary ed program that IUPUI offers. I mean really, let's look at the list of schools of attended or worked at: Dunlap, Butler, Carmel, Zionsville. Those are all about as far from urban as you can get. I'm about as qualified to do a master's in Rocket Science as I am in this. So I get the feeling, based on my first class, that this undertaking will be far harder than I originally anticipated. Tuesday brought my first meeting with a Bible study group I'm joining at church, which I really enjoyed. Today includes a visit to the Children's Museum with Andrea and Hannah, and tomorrow is Brynie's first Gymboree class. Then next week, I start up with nightly rehearsals for Mr. Zionsville. Oh, plus I'm still working retail. So this is shaping up to be a very busy month!


Anonymous said...

"Smile for the Camera" is my favorite - hands down! Super cute.

But....I think Ben needs 1 more photo entry, since he has 2 and you have 3! :)


Anonymous said...

Marilyn Monroe all the way, Baby!!! lol... "she's too sexy for that diaper..."

Anonymous said...

well... this has been one of the hardest tasks i have taken on this year. and i have two that tie, if that is ok.

1. The hand behind the head with the dish towel is priceless.
2. her pushing the "shopping cart" around the "mall"... to me, this is what this looks like! :)

miss you already!
Love you,
Angie <><

Anonymous said...

I am voting for Ryan. He told me to vote for the first picture!

Melissa said...

Amy, you are so busy it is making my head spin. How do you keep track of all those activities you are involved with??

All pictures of Bryn are the cutest. But I think my vote for this contest is "Emptying the dishwasher" followed closely by "Smile for the camera."

You should have more of these photo contests, I love seeing pictures of Bryn!

Amy, Ben, and Bryn said...

In my own defense, Ben has taken less pictures than me, but I will attempt to post an even number from each of us in the next round of the contest. :)

And who is that second comment from? Kathy, Angie, Ryan, Melissa, and ....??

Anonymous said...

I (Pamela-Amela) agree with the more photo contest comment! I always think Bryn is the most adorable thing ever but "smiling for the camera" takes the is priceless!! Show that to all those who say she's a serious baby. hehe

OMG Amy, you are so busy. Sounds like you're havin' a ton of fun though. :-)

Anonymous said...

The 2nd comment wasn't from me!


Anonymous said...

Ooops... it was from me (caroline). sorry! I've been so flighty lately... which reminds me, i need to call you! we need an "A-B-C-E" date! (get it?!) and I owe you some berries. (now, how primitive "hunter-and-gatherer" cavelady does that sound?! lol...)

Maria said...

I may be late, but I vote for the first picture....I love her little blue jeans


Anonymous said...

"Emptying the dishwasher" definitely has my vote!