Thursday, January 11, 2007

Children's Museum

Yesterday I used some of my birthday money (yes, I know my birthday was two months ago; I'm not good at spending money on myself) to purchase a family +2 membership to the Children's Museum. This means that for the next year, we can go as much as we want, and we can take 2 guests each time (plus kids under 2 get in for free). I am REALLY excited about this. Cathy inspired me to do this, and I'm SO glad I did. Bryn and I went yesterday with Andrea and Hannah as our guests and had a fabulous time. The girls particularly liked the Playscape on level 3. This photo is a pretty good indication of their favorite parts: Bryn wanted to crawl and creep around and explore everything, and Hannah wanted to play with blocks and put things in her mouth. :)

Here's a great shot that Andrea got during one of Bryn's adventurous forays--she just took off and decided to crawl through a tunnel without any prompting from Mama. Bryn also adored the carosel on the fourth floor. In fact, she liked her first ride on it so much that whenever she heard the music start up after that, she took off crawling towards it in an effort to get in on the fun. So there will be many more trips in the future. Consider this an open invitation: any of you who live in Indy are welcome to attend with us any time, and any who are from out of town are encouraged to come visit us and go!

On the photo contest, it seems that an unofficial tally of the votes shows "Smile for the Camera" as the leader. We will be posting round 2 of the cute-baby contest next week.

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Anonymous said...

So cute - love the picture in the tube.

Looking forward to another photo contest!