Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Santa Came Early

Last night we did our own family Christmas, since we'll be travelling over the actual holiday. We wanted to tear into our stockings as soon as Ben got home from work, but little Miss Bryn insisted that we eat dinner first. We had a yummy crock pot recipe of turkey and stuffing and felt like we were actually at some big holiday celebration. And hey, there are plenty of leftovers for Ben to eat for the rest of the week!

Then it was finally time to tear into the presents, a big relief for Ben, who has been snooping around the house for the last month to find out what I got him (but he'll never find my super-secret hiding place!). Ben and I took turns helping Brynie open her presents, and while she did occassionally give a tug on the wrapping paper, for the most part, she was far more interested in the contents of the floor than the contents of the box at hand. She did, however, seem pretty interested in sorting the lottery tickets that Santa left in all our tickets (including the dogs), and at one point, she tried to make her escape by crawling off with a handful of them. Sad to say, she would not have gotten very far on her newfound riches, as the 10 tickets netted us $1.00 in prize money.

The big culprit in Bryn's present-distraction?
The first thing she pulled out of her stocking--an orange. Growing up, my mom always put fresh fruit in the toes of our stockings, so Ben decided to do the same for me and Bryn. Bryn liked her good-smelling, roll-able orange so much that she promptly absconded with mine as well and spent the rest of the night crawling around the floor in search for them. We have many pictures of her clutching an orange (or two) while propped up (and utterly uninterested in) her real presents. Ah, if only we had known, we could have saved big money!! :)


Anonymous said...

Yay, a post! Cute pictures :) So now I'm curious what did you get Ben? And what did Ben get you? I guess I'll find out soon enough! Merry Christmas!


Libby said...

oh goodness, how adorable!

ps, love the haircut! :)

Anonymous said...

i can't wait til thursday night to watch bryn and see your new house.....

Melissa said...

I loved seeing you and Ben and Bryn in P-town! Keep blogging and taking pictures so that I can keep up to date on your lives while I'm in Nicaragua.