Thursday, December 28, 2006

Our Evil Genius

The newest addition to Bryn's vocabulary, if it can even be categorized as such, is the phrase "bwahahahaha." We refer to it as her "evil laugh," and if you can't imagine what this sounds like, just remember the Count on Sesame Street and you'll be pretty close. We thought it was really cute when she first started doing it, but now we have found that she does it most often right before getting in trouble..... For example, when we were in Peoria for the holidays (more on that later) and she woke up in the middle of the night, a little "bwahahaha" preceeded her 5-hour crying streak. Today at lunch, whenever I tried to feed her a bite of meat, she promptly threw it to the dogs without even trying it. When I said, with all the firmness I could muster, "Brynie, no no no!" she just grinned at me and gave me her evil laugh. She wins the prize, though, with her antics from "naptime" today. She refused to go to sleep when I put her down, but I left her in the crib in hopes that she would eventually give in. Over the monitor, I could hear her continually going "bwahahahaha" in there all by herself. I thought this was pretty funny, and even called Ben at work to tell him how cute our daughter was, until the cackling turned to hysterical crying and I ran upstairs to see what was wrong. I found Bryn still in her crib, soaked to the skin. No, we had not had a diaper accident. She had stood up in her crib, reached through the slats to the changing table, pressed the button to open the box of wipes, and systematically removed all of the wipes one by one, piling them in her crib until both she and the crib sheet were covered with sanitized moistness. She thought this was hilarious; I thought it was the work of an evil genius, one with the laugh to prove it.


themadlibs said...

i'll admit it, i taught it to her

sorry! ;)

haha, i love it Amy... love it!

Anonymous said...

hilarious, can't wait to hear the evil laugh :)


Anonymous said...

that's one sqeeeky clean evil baby! :) she is toooo cute!