Friday, December 01, 2006

Cut and Shots

Last night was pretty notable for all of the MeyPfan girls. First off, we took Brynie to get her very first haircut. We went to Cookie Cutters, where they put her in a little car in place of a regular seat and let her watch her beloved Baby Einstein while the cutting commenced. Once again, people commented on her "serious baby" face, and we had to engage in some big-time antics to get her to smile for the camera at the end, but overall, the only thing that actually upset her about the haircut was when the stylist accidentally got in the way and blocked her view of the TV.

I would say that most of the "styling" consisted of getting rid of our much-loved Grandpa Dave combover, which was getting way too long and unruly and kept falling in her eyes. The stylist convinced us (actually, convinced me; Ben didn't care one way or the other) that little kids should have bangs because otherwise you have to always pull their hair back with a clip or a headband. I was anti-bang at first because hey, it's not the 1980s anymore, and also because I remember what a hideous time I had growing my bangs out in college, where I only succeeded due to daily email affirmations from my dear friend David B. This being Bryn's first cut and all though, I figured we would have ample time to grow the bangage out if we didn't like it. In the end, though, I really like the haircut, even though it makes me a little quesy to realize how grown-up she looks. I didn't notice that much difference last night, probably because the huge plastic barrette the stylist put in her hair threw me off, but when I went in to get her out of bed this morning, I was just overcome with how much like a little person she looks now.

The less-happy event of the evening followed the haircut. We had to take both dogs in for their vaccinations. This proved to be quite an acrobatic feat to transport 2 adults, 2 dogs, and a baby in a carseat in the Jeep. Luckily Bryn was greatly amused by the fact that they kept jumping over her to get from window to window and laughed and babbled at them for the entire car ride. On the short leg of our journey (from the haircut to the vet), Tela decided that she really wanted to be the navigator, and she wedged herself onto my lap in the front seat. I did NOT handle this as well as my daughter did. At any rate, the girls were very good for their shots, although it was definitely a balancing act for me to hold the second dog and the baby while Ben helped the vet hold the dog who was getting shot. Our biggest surprise of the evening was that Tela actually weighs more than Dagny does now, so for all of those of you who were around when we laughed about our fat dog (Derek, remember how she "broke the flowerpot"?), those days are no more.

Today is supposed to hold 2 inches of snow here in central Indiana, which I thought was ridiculously impossible since it was 64 degrees and sunny earlier this week. Sure enough, though, I awakened to the sound of howling wind this morning, and the dogs freaked out a minute ago because a neighbor's plastic deck chair went flying past our window. If this persists, we won't get sod in our yard until spring, meaning we can't put our fence up yet, and I do NOT look foward to continuing walking the dogs each multiple times a day all winter. Okay, my cute-banged toddler is out of juice and hungry for bananas, so I'm off.


Andrea said...

I can't imagine Hannah having enough hair to even get a barrett in, let alone enough to consider bangs... ;) Very cute haircut!

Anonymous said...

aw so cute!!

Anonymous said...

What a big girl!!!!! i can't believe it! so cute! and that fake smile in the 1st picture... i love it! and the bangs.. so cute!! ugh... i can't wait to see you all.

Angie <><

Foxy Momma said...

O K, so Melissa tells me I could have been commenting all along, sooo, just wanted to let you know, I'll try to be better at responding--- Don't want you to feel left out!!!!!!! LOVE the BANGS---- it's GREAT--- and it's the best for a tiny person.. and besides she looks so CUTE , how could you worry about a little thing like BANGAGE!!!:) Talk about SNOW//////// it's very apparent we're BURIED, and P/town does NOT handle A LARGE SNOW!!!!!! It's been 5 hours since it stopped snowing and stillhavne't seen a SNOWPLOW !!!!!!! May be SPRING before we GET OUT!!! hugs

Crissy said...

And here I thought you would be worried I fattened Dagny up while we had her (just kidding).

Anyway, Bryn looks cute with her new haircut.

Melissa said...

First haircut-- what a milestone. The bangs are cute! I'm sure there will be many different hairstyles Bryn will try out over the years. Lets just hope "perms" don't make a come-back!