Friday, December 08, 2006

Brought to You by the Letter S

Several days ago, as Bryn cried unconsolably, I gave in and cuddled her in front of the TV. She promptly stopped crying as she was sucked in by the adventures of Elmo, Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, et al. I had forgotten (or maybe I never noticed, since I was probably about 5 the last time I sat and watched an episode) how clever and funny "Sesame Street" is. I had also forgotten that at the end of each episode, they say who "sponsored" that episode, as in, at the end of the episode Brynie and I watched, we were informed that it had been brought to us "by the letter R and the number 4." This has inspired me to have this entry of catch-up news have a theme.... So this blog entry has been brought to you by the letter S.

Shrubbery - On Monday, the dogs went crazy barking at the windows Shortly after I had gotten out of the Shower. This is pretty typical, Since there is So much construction in our neighborhood, but they Seemed to be rather more infuriated than usual. When I finally looked out the window, I Saw a crew of Six or Seven workmen installing Several Shrubs and a Small tree in our front yard. Our construction manager had warned us that the landscaping company would probably just Show up, but I was definitely Still Surprised to See them, considering that it was the coldest day we'd had yet.

Shots - On Tuesday, Brynie and I got up early (for us) (meaning at the Same time as normal people who go to work) and went to the health department for her to get her 1-year booster Shots. Much Sobbing and Screaming commenced.... for the rest of the day. She was obviously very Sore, and the Sadness continued for the next two days.

Sod - On Wednesday, the dogs resumed their window-barking with a vengeance, and a peek out the window revealed another crew of workers laying Sod in our yard. Again, this Seemed odd, as temperatures were Steadily dropping, but what with all the Screaming and Sobbing from my Sore baby, I didn't really have the presence of mind to worry about it. So our house actually looks like a real residence now.

Seniors - On Wednesday afternoon, I took my Snotty baby (She has also come down with a cold) to Zionsville HS for a callout meeting for the annual Mr. Zionsville pageant, which I have directed for the last 2 years and will be helping with this year. The classroom was packed with Seniors, all of whom want to be involved with the pageant in some capacity. Sad to Say, there was of course much drama (one of the aspects I don't miss all that much about teaching high School), but after the big meeting, I got to Sit around with Some of my favorite Students to do Some planning. Makes me realize how much I miss them.

Snow - After hearing the horror Stories of Snow from friends and family in Peoria, I was prepared for the worst, but our version of the big Snow Storm invovled us getting about 1/4 of an inch. This was apparently enough to cause chaos though, as it took Ben 3 times as long as usual to do his morning commute. By the time Bryn and I went out at 9:00 though, everything was under control.

Spine - On Thursday, I had my Second appointment with the chiropractor. My x-rays from the initial appointment revealed by my Spine, especially in the area of the L-4 for those of you who know about such things, is hopelessly out of alignment, this accounting for the Serious Soreness I have been experiencing Since the birth of Bryn. I had a treament involving Something that Sounded like a Staple gun and then some Sticky Sensors Sending electricity into my lower back. Scary.

Stupid Server - The reason that none of you have heard from me this week is because our Stupid internet Service provider has been down almost all week. They blame it on the Storm earlier this week, which worries me, considering that the Storm netted 1/4 inch of Snow and I'm Sure there will be worse coming as the winter progresses. Today, thankfully, our Service was restored.

So that's my week thus far. This weekend includes many hours of retail work, another Spine adjustment, and a Mexican fiesta meal and Snowman cake at game night. I encourage you all to leave comments for me on this post, and I challenge you to use as many S words as you can too! :)


Anonymous said...

So, your creativity makes me Smile! and I am jealous that you got to See Kara all prego and I didn't! I will See you over break, but hopefully i will be able to See her as well with her going on maturnity leave and all. Hope all is well there!


Anonymous said...

SALUTATIONS!!!!! Such a SCHEDULE , involving SEVERAL things!!!!!!!!! young SAPLINGS., new SOD, and SHRUBBERY , all in a SILLY SNOW STORM!!!!!!! SOOO SORRY about your SPINE,, that SUCKS-- makes me SAD, and poor brynie and her SHOT!!!!!!Sending you all SUNNY wishes for SOME SILLY STUFF and not SO much SERIOUS STUFF!!!!!!!SO keep SESAME on, and SIT back and SING the SILLY, SAPPY SONGS, SNUGGLING with bryn--I'm ready for SPRING!!!!!!!already tired of the SNOW!!!!SIGH,,, SENDING you all SOME SUNSHINE... hugs, momr.:)

themadlibs said...

something superbly sad and psychotic (does phonetics count?) experiences keep showing up at your sweetly humble abode, Amy... i fear for your sanity.

but, keep in mind that this silly and slightly simple sap is bored and misses her sweet and super busy friend Amy so much... she wishes she could visit the state of Indiana shortly, but fears parental disappointed if such a silly extravangza were to be suggested

i suggest the letter V next time, ps...

Anonymous said...

Spectacular! Great posts over the past few week! I definately read your blog, but I usually end up doing the reading in chunks on my days off . . . But I am glad to hear all is going well, finally having sod, Bryn's first haircut... work at JoAnns... And we are definately going to miss you on Saturday Amy! It's too bad you have to work :( Well, I'm back to baking goodies for Saturday, which if you ask Ben to, I'm sure he can steal you some to bring home :) Love, Jill

Anonymous said...

I'm not very good at this Amy!

Your "S" post is Super Silly :) Santa will be here Soon! So excited.

I've been looking for your next blog entry! :) You've got me hooked!!

Kathy :)