Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Zoo Boo

This post is a little out of order, as all this fun happened on Saturday and my last entry was about Sunday..... This Saturday, after I got off work from my lucrative retail job, I met Ben and Bryn at the Indianapolis Zoo to attend the Zoo Boo. Little kids were running around everywhere in their costumes, and Bryn was the cutest little sad monkey around. For the first time, I was actually glad that Bryn's costume has so much padding, because it was COLD out! We tried to take a picture of Bryn with the real monkeys, but the Indianapolis Zoo, as I have noted to Melissa before, is sadly deficient in the way of monkeys, although I would say they're really good in basically all other areas. Anyway, the closest we could get was baboons, and even then, they were down on the ground and we couldn't get a shot of Bryn with them, so here's our best attempt: Bryn and Ben with a sign.

My favorite zoo animals have always been elephants--possibly due to the fact that my favorite stuffed animal and "security blanket" growing up was a stuffed elephant named Baber (not to be confused with the storybook elephant Babar; totally different origins). This is interesting to me, especially since Bryn's favorite zoo animals are the giraffes, and she sleeps every night with her little stuffed giraffe, Jarafe. For both of us, the stuffed animal came first, then the enjoyment of the real thing, whereas I think most kids would do it in the opposite order..... anyway.....

Back to the fact that my favorite animals are elephants..... I was especially excited that as part of the Zoo Boo, we got to see Tombi the elephant paint a picture using her trunk. The picture was then given away to an audience member, which was sadly not us. The best part of the day, though, was after Tombi's show, when the trainers let people come up and pet her. So I got to touch my first real live elephant, and so did Bryn. Even the sad monkey perked up at that.

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