Sunday, November 19, 2006

Up and Running

Life is starting to settle in a bit. By that I mean that no one has the flu anymore and that we now have the internet at home, so I can spend less time cleaning up grossness and more time catching up with all of you. Ben and Bryn drove over to Champaign yesterday and picked up Dagny from Chuck and Crissy, so now the whole "family" is getting settled into the new house. What's funny is that Dagny has always been the "beta" to Tela's "alpha," but she apparently subdued all the other creatures and Chuck and Crissy's house, so now that she's back here, our two dogs are doing a lot of barking and growling when trying to establish who's going to be in charge of the new house. Looks like we're not quite settled yet!!


themadlibs said...

oh amy :)

i miss you - glad you're healthy

Melissa said...

I hope the dogs work it out amongst themselves soon. Glad you're all recovering from the vortex. Can't wait to see your new house, but by the time I get there it probably won't be so "new" anymore!