Thursday, November 02, 2006

Trick or Treat

Bryn's first "trick" of Halloween was to master the staircase at our new house. While Ben and I were decorating the house with Daniel's dots, she crawled over to the staircase. I managed to catch up to her as she flawlessly crested the bottom step. Now, our current house does not have stairs, so Bryn has never been around them, unless you count when she sat at the bottom of Rob and Andrea's stairs and cried because she couldn't figure them out. So imagine our surprise when on her first attempt at scaling even a single stair, Bryn went up the entire staircase without even seeming to struggle. I guess it's just all in a day's work for Mobile Baby.

And here are my two favorite Halloween "treats," Ben and our Sad Monkey on our new front porch. After our quality check on the house, Bryn and I stayed to play for a little bit while Ben went back to work to finish up his day.

Then we all met up again at our nice neighbors' house, where we got the full tour and then forced Brynie into her monkey suit while Jen (our neighbor) got her two kids, Elias and Elana, dressed up in full Texas Tech football player and cheerleader regalia. We were joined by some of Jen's friends for trick or treating (we were wildly jealous of the friends' 1-year-old daughter Jenna, who was sporting the very giraffe costume that we had wanted for Bryn and had been unable to find) around our new neighborhood. We met lots of our new neighbors (although I'll never remember all their names), all of whom were incredibly friendly and excited about us moving into the neighborhood. We then returned to Jen's house and feasted on pizza with her husband Adarryl. Then they headed out for another round of trick-or-treating at a local church, and we returned to Zionsville to start frantically packing boxes for our impending move.

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iloveuthismuch11 said...

YYYAAAAHHHH! i am SO excited to get to come see your new house!!! can't wait til' ur in!