Friday, November 03, 2006

Bryn's Birthday: Nana and Papaw

Last night, Ben's parents drove all the way down from Elkhart to take us out to dinner for Bryn's birthday, since they can't be here for the big celebration this weekend. We got to show them our new house by flashlight, since it was dark outside and our power isn't hooked up yet. Then we went to our current favorite Brownsburg restaurant (although we've only been to like 3 total), the Green Street Pub, where Bryn enjoys staring into the huge fishtanks. Our little Muffin got quite spoiled with all the great gifts from her Nana and Papaw. Here's a picture of her opening her first present--with some help from Mama, of course.

And here's what the package contained--a baby doll for Brynie. This is an absolutely perfect gift for her, since she's really gotten into the stage where she loves dolls and stuffed animals, but all of hers have been packed in boxes in Rob and Andrea's basement for about 5 months. Bryn wanted to cuddle her new doll immediately upon opening it. Nana and Papaw also gave Brynie two DVDs, Benji and VeggieTales--we know she loves doggies, and maybe this will inspire her to end her vegetable strike! :) She also received a savings bond, which is a tradition in Ben's family, and was much appreciated by Mama and Daddy. But Bryn's favorite was the baby doll, which she has not put down yet this morning. Good thing it's just a doll, though, because she keeps bending its arms at all sorts of improbable angles and poking it in the eye!!


iloveuthismuch11 said...



angie barrow<><

-amy, if you would have just held bryn in for one more day-- bryn and i could have shared a bday. oh well. :) LOVE YOU!

Melissa said...

Happy 1st Birthday to Bryn! You and Bryn both look so good in the pictures! I was just thinking of the cards we all made at the baby shower; I wonder if in all the boxes you've packed for the move you will be able to find them? If not, maybe next year!

Happy birthday wishes from afar!

Amy, Ben, and Bryn said...

Melissa - yes, I managed to save the card out of our frantic packing, and we opened it on her birthday. It was one that I had drawn. At first I was grateful that there was nothing scandalous on it (such as a drawing of a dead Ravage or Tony's references to boxes), but now I wonder if those questionable cards might be best to get out of the way when she's too young to question them?!?! Anyway, that card was my absolute favorite one to open and see all of your signatures on it!

Amy, Ben, and Bryn said...

Angie--HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you too!!!! Hope your first bday at college was fantastic. Or did you come home??