Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bryn's Birthday: Mama and Daddy

Here's the Muffin on her actual birthday morning. She woke up relatively cranky, but her mood soon brightened when she got to "help" me assemble her birthday present, this neat car/walker. She currently seems to like it a lot more in "car" mode than "walker" mode, which is a little backwards for her age, since she can't actually make it move in car mode, but at least she seems to like it. We also gave her some crayons for her birthday, but when I tried to show her how to use them, she was really only interested in chewing on them. When I tried to demonstrate proper drawing technique, she just cried and reached for the Cheerios. So I guess we'll put the crayons aside for another month or so!

On Friday night, we took the birthday girl out to every kid's dream location, Chuck E. Cheese. She even got a balloon, a crown, and two free tokens in celebration of her birthday! None of those things, however, seemed to excited her as much as the "show" with the big mechanical animals and spotlights--must have reminded her of watching the ZCHS show choir perform! She danced to the music in her high chair and kept turning to us with a huge smile on her face, as if to make sure we were enjoying it too. It was almost impossible to even convince her to take her eyes off the stage long enough to eat. We fixed that problem, though, by giving her several bites of her very first pizza.

In spite of Grammy's fears that Bryn would be afraid of all the noise and excitement, she absolutely loved "The Mouse," as Derek calls him. She went on all the little kid rides but seemed to like this one the best, as it was the only one where she had Chuck E. as her copilot. She also enjoyed hitting the controls on the big kid games and actually won us several tickets in doing so. We cashed in the tickets at the end of the night for a valuable prize of 4 sheets of stickers, which I'm sure we will now find all over the walls of the new house, since she's paid such close attention to Mama and Daddy and construction manager Daniel decorating the walls with orange and green dots to indicate where repairs are needed before closing!


themadlibs said...

oh my goodness... amy - you all look amazing!

a) tell Bryn that crazy cook, Libby, misses her grately
b) tell Ben 'yo - what's up'
c) tell yourself that I miss you dearly - and cant wait to catch up!

iloveuthismuch11 said...

i LOVE the picture of Bryn on the little bike thing-- amazing! with her neck all stretched out!