Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bryn's Birthday: Extended Family

On Saturday, we celebrated Bryn's birthday with my extended family. Grammy Tina, Aunt Kristin, Grandpa Dave, Grandma Diane, and Aunt Lindsay all came over from Illinois to celebrate the big occassion. The first event was, of course, opening presents. Here's a shot of the birthday girl surrounded with all her bounty...

As far as the actual opening of the gifts was concerned, Brynie was a little slow. She did manage to rip off some paper once I got it started for her, but when she pulled off the first sizable chunk, we all applauded so enthusiastically for her that she stopped tearing to start clapping too. She spent the next few minutes looking around for more applause, thus greatly slowing the present opening. To quote Grandpa, "At this rate, we won't need to get her anything for Christmas, because she'll still be busy opening these!" The first present she opened (pictured here) was the 5-in-1 Adjustable Gym by Fisher-Price, which Aunt Kristin promptly assembled (backwards) for her. Bryn managed to open Kristin's gift, a plastic Sesame Street purse with all kinds of accessories, including a cell phone, keys, a change purse, and, to quote Grandma, "Mick Jagger lipstick." After that, Brynie got so distracted by playing with her first two gifts and Ben and I had open the rest of them for her. I even got to do a little present-opening for myself, as I got my birthday presents early since we'll be moving heavy boxes into our new house on my actual birthday (next weekend).

In my opinion, the most amusing part of the party was when we gave Bryn her birthday cupcake. She kept trying to grab the lit candle, resulting in Mama having to blow it out before the conclusion of the family's melodious rendition of "Happy Birthday." She then went to town on the cupcake, which was the first sweet that we've ever given her. Her face was a chocolately mess by the end, and we basically had to pry the last crumbs out of her hands to clean her up. I think this girl has a definite sweet tooth like her mama!

Following the basic birthday festivities, we all piled in the cars and drove out to Brownsburg to give everyone a tour of our new house, which was significantly easier than it was with Ben's parents a few nights ago, since we now have power in the house and therefore did not need to conduct another tour by flashlight! They all oohed and ahhed over how big it is, and then Grandpa Dave, Grandma Diane, and Aunt Lindsay all got back into the car for their trip back to Peoria. A very short trip over for them, but we were really glad that they could make it. Grammy Tina, Aunt Kristin, Daddy Ben, Baby Bryn, and I met Adopted Uncle Derek at the Bonefish Grill for dinner, and then Derek and Ben explored a new game store that has just opened. Today held a trip to the church that Ben and I have been checking out in Brownsburg, followed by a classy and delicious lunch at Steak 'n' Shake before Mom and Kristin got on the road. This left us just enough time for a short rest and some frantic tidying before Jill, Derek, Ravage, Chris, Ryan, and Kathy came over for Sunday Night Games--the last one in this house! All in all, it has been a very full weekend, and I'm thinking about heading for bed any minute now!

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Melissa said...

So many lovely birthday celebrations for such a special little girl!

Do you remember meeting me at the airport with a cake on my birthday one year? I dove into the cake and I think my face got even messier than Bryn's!

Hope you're recovering from Bryn's birthday and getting ready for yours.