Thursday, October 05, 2006

Wild Life

(I'm behind in my posting, so I'm attempting to get caught up.)
Last Friday, we had a gorgeous sunny but cool day, and Bryn and I decided to take advantage of our free time by going to the zoo. We went once every week or two over the summer, and it was never all that enjoyable because the Muffin (and her mom) do not like hot weather. Plus it's a half-hour drive to the zoo, and Bryn usually gets impatient with looking around because she wants to eat, so when it's all said and done, we usually end up spending as much time driving as we do looking at animals. This time was great though. It was nice and cool out, so Bryn didn't get tired out nearly as fast. We went in the afternoon instead of the morning, so she'd already had her meals and her nap and could last much longer without a break. Plus with school in session, the zoo basically looked like a ghost town compared to the summer crowds, so she could see everything much better. All in all, a highly successful trip. Ben was even able to come and join us when he got off work. Bryn particularly enjoyed the meerkats, the dolphins, and the giraffes. In the picture, she is watching the trainers give a session on how to feed the walruses.

Okay, no animals in this one, but it's just so cute that I had to post it. We took this on the afternoon that Ben, Bryn, Tela, and I went to the dog park. Tela was exhausted by the end from chasing all the other dogs back and forth, and Bryn was highly amused by watching the dogfights. However, it was COLD out there and required bundling up for the first time this season. Bryn is not adjusting so well to winter-wear. The goofy hat is Daddy's favorite style. Bryn's not a fan, but then, she's not a fan of any kind of hat. At least she hasn't figured out how to take this one off yet! Her coat isn't on in this picture, which is just as well, since it basically makes her look like a big puffy pink marshmallow. This morning she was wearing her coat when I took her out on errands, and at all three stores we went to, people commented, "Wow, that baby doesn't look very happy!"

Speaking of "not very happy," here's a shot of Bryn the first time we had her model her Halloween costume. She will be going as a monkey in honor of her Aunt Melissa's Nicaraguan adventure. Bryn hates the costume because there's so much padding around the middle to make that cute stomach that she can't crawl in it. And yes, that's a banana sticking out of the back "pocket." She's the cutest sad little monkey I've ever seen! Hopefully she'll like it a bit better before Halloween.... or maybe the "sad" act will score even more candy for Mama and Daddy to share!

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Melissa said...

What a fussy little monkey! Maybe she will like the costume better when people are giving her candy on Halloween.

I always think that Bryn looks exactly like you, Amy, but in the picture of her with the pink hat, I do think she looks like Ben!